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Rengit is located in the state of Johor and is situated in the district of Batu Pahat. It is also bordering the beach rich Pontian area, which belongs to Johor Bahru. Thus, getting to the capital city is relatively easy, as a drive only takes more or less, an hour. It is also very close to the capital city of Batu Pahat itself, Bandar Penggaram. Its river, Sungai Rengit is an area that consists of villages.

Also, made obvious by its name, it supports its residents’ trade of choice, fishing. Not surprisingly, the area is well known for its seafood cuisine and the dying art of Chinese opera. It even houses a historical site, a military fortress that was constructed during the WW2 days. It also oddly enough, has a Maybank. The town of Rengit can be reached via Federal Route 5, although it does not link to the area directly.

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