Labuan is one of the three federal territories in Malaysia. It is located in East Malaysia. This federal territory comprises the main Labuan Island and six smaller islands, just off the coast of Sabah. Due to its strategic location, Labuan is a popular stopover for people traveling through Sabah and Brunei.

Victoria, Labuan’s capital, is well known as an offshore financial centre offering international financial and business services via Labuan IBFC. Labuan is also known as an offshore support hub for deep-water oil and gas activities in the region. With its proximity to Brunei and Sabah as well as its beautiful beaches and islands, tourism is another growth engine of Labuan. It is also a popular wreck diving destination.

Some of the commercial properties in Labuan include office blocks, shopping malls and shop-office lots. Common landed residential properties are terraced houses, semi-detached houses and bungalows. Apartments and condominiums, especially those with a sea view, are also highly in demand.

Labuan has a tropical climate. Residents will experience temperate weather will sunny skies for most of the year. There are two annual monsoon seasons – the South West monsoon from April to June and the North East monsoon from September to December. Daily temperatures do not fluctuate greatly with an average low of 28˚C and a high of 32˚C.

Brunei has a major influence on Labuan’s culture as its neighbour. It is said that more than half of the locals in Labuan are descendants of Brunei Malays. As such, you will find many who speak Bahasa Brunei in Labuan. Some of the traditional musical instruments include kulintangan, agong, gambus and gendang. Local cuisines with Brunei influence are pinyaram, calak, tapai and kuripit. Another major ethnic group in Labuan is the Kedayan people who speak a language very similar to Malay.

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Capital :

Total Area :
91.64 km2 (35.38 sq mi)

Total Population (2010) :

Density :
950/km2 (2,500/sq mi)