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Bukit Tambun is a village cum town located in the state of Penang and situated in Seberang Perai Selatan, on the mainland. It can be accessed via the North South Expressway and then through its very own interchange. Barely keeping dry though, it is specifically alongside the river Jawi (Sungai Jawi) and its main trade is fishing. Quite unsurprisingly then, the area is known to be rich with seafood cuisine and since its population consists of mostly Chinese folk, the dishes are very Chinese inspired (e.g.: Hai Hiang Restaurant that is on the way).

Speaking of on the way, a few major areas are, like Batu Kawan and thus, the Penang Stadium. In fact this is the site where most of Bukit Tambun’s seafood fans come from. Being rather undeveloped, the area has hope with the recent on going development of Batu Kawan with its gold course and the Penang Second Bridge point. Along with Batu Kawan also being well known for seafood, Bukit Tambun is and soon will be considered another great place to rest en route to Batu Ferringhi.     


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Latest Properties for Sale in Bukit Tambun

Tingkat tambun indah, Bukit tambun

Tingkat tambun ...

tingkat tambun indah 1, Bukit Tambun, Penang

880 sqft

RM 390,000

Taman Seri Tambun Double Storey

Taman Seri ...

Sri Tambun, Bukit Tambun, Penang

1600 sqft

RM 480,000

Taman Seri Tambun

Taman Seri ...

Jalan Bukit Tambun Taman Seri Tambun, ...

2400 sqft

RM 450,000

taman crescentia bandar cassia, bukit tambun

taman crescentia ...

taman crescentia bandar cassia, Bukit Tambun, ...

780 sqft

RM 195,000

Taman Tambun Emas BKT TAMBUN

Taman Tambun ...

Taman Tambun Emas BKT TAMBUN, Bukit ...

RM 430,000

Taman Bukit Minyak Indah, Bukit Minyak , Bukit merta

Taman Bukit ...

Jalan Bukit Minyak 2, Bukit Tambun, Penang

989 sqft

RM 560,000

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Latest Properties for Rent in Bukit Tambun

Tmn Seri Tambun

Tmn Seri ...

Bukit Tambun, Penang

1600 sqft

RM 1,000 / month

Taman tambun emas, Bukit tambun

Taman tambun ...

taman tambun emas, Bukit Tambun, Penang

1400 sqft

RM 950 / month

Rental 2 Sty Terrace Taman Tambun Jaya

Rental 2 Sty ...

Taman Tambun Indah, 14000 Simpang Ampang Taman ...

RM 800 / month

Rental 2 Sty Terrace Taman Tambun Jaya

Rental 2 Sty ...

Taman Tambun Indah Taman Tambun Indah, ...

RM 800 / month

taman seri murai 14100 simpang ampat

taman seri ...

taman seri murai, Bukit Tambun, Penang

4000 sqft

RM 3,500 / month

taman tambun emas 14100 bukit tambun simpang ampat

taman tambun ...

tambun emas bukit tambun, Bukit Tambun, ...

1600 sqft

RM 1,000 / month

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