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Valdor (Val dÓr) is located in Penang and situated in Seberang Perai. Its unusual sounding name comes from the French words Golden Valley, thus indicating what nationality colonised the place. Its initial trades were that of sugar planting and agricultural endeavours. Now it is mostly known for farming. It is right beside the area of Sungai Bakap and some even consider both towns to be sharing its land area. Its closest developed neighbour is the town of Kulim, which has a hospital and a college that bear its name.

Although there is no modern type residency in the village, its land is still proving lucrative for those in the industrial field. Local amenities include markets, a mosque (in Sungai Bakap) and the Bukit Tambun Cultural Centre nearby. The hill of Lima Kongsi nearby is popular among nature lovers for hiking. One can get to Valdor through the North South Expressway, the Federal Highway and then through either Bukit Tambun or Jawi Interchanges.

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Taman Valdor Indah
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Valdor, Penang
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Valdor, Penang
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