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My S&P was signed on Sept 2011, but owner is still nego on the redemption value with his bank, till now we have yet to close on the settlement. Is there anything can be done in order to speed up the process? If he continue to drag on this issue, what can be done by the Soliciator?  

Posted by Soon on Feb 29, 2012 in Home Buying | 476 Views

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Lucas Tan Kit Shih
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Answer Posted on Mar 1, 2012
It would be best you consult your S&P solicitor on this as whatever you can do on this would have been stated in the S&P. Hopefully you did not use the vendor's solicitor which is a mistake many people make when choosing a solicitor. In most cases there is really nothing much you can do as there is usually no specification of dateline for seller to complete the transaction unless its a term you specifically put in the S&P.
If money is no question & you really need to complete the transaction you can make an additional offer to the seller if he/she manages to complete the deal within a certain time.
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