In an effort to promote Malaysia as a property investment destination,
Malaysian Property Incorporated (MPI) has launched an office-cum-show
gallery at SGX Centre 1, Shenton Way, which intends to be a one-stop
shop for property investment queries.

Potential investors can get
the latest updates on Malaysian investment policies, regulations,
property valuation, financing, taxation, as well as information about
the country’s economic growth, infrastructure, education and healthcare

Mr. Thong Yaw Hong, chairman of MPI, stressed that
Singaporeans and Malaysians have a shared cultural background and
history, and many have relatives and friends on both sides of the
Causeway. “This familiarity with the country and its people is one of
the many reasons that make investing in real estate in Malaysia
attractive to Singapore investors,” said Mr. Thong.

property prices have also skyrocketed, said Mr. Thong. “If you couple
this with the favourable exchange rate of the Singapore dollar against
the Malaysian ringgit, investing in a piece of quality real estate in
Malaysia becomes truly more affordable than in Singapore,” he said.

in 2008, MPI is a joint venture between the Economic Planning Unit of
the Malaysian government and the private sector. Aside from providing
information on real estate, MPI will also offer rental space to
government agencies and Malaysian developers wishing to promote
Malaysian investments in Singapore.

For Singapore-based investors
concerned about the credibility of Malaysian developers, MPI also
provides an annual rating of the leading developers in the country and
works to guarantee that property developers give an assurance of the
projects’ completion.

Dato' muhammad farid
May 24, 2011
Very good propety invesment in malaysia