Bangi Heights Development Sdn Bhd, which develops the Bandar Seri Putra in Bangi, Selangor, has released its latest shop-offices in the commercial area of SP Retail Centre@ Bandar Seri Putra.

Consisting of 14 units of three- and four-storey shop-offices with lot sizes of 22 ft by 80 ft and constructed on areas of 5,248 sq ft or 6,997sq ft for the intermediate units, they are designed for businesses including food, serviced-based trades, retail and convenience stores.

Bangi Heights Development, a subsidiary of UM Land Bhd, said the sales through balloting had been encouraging since the units, with prices ranging between RM935,000 and RM2 million, were taken up quickly.

The shop-offices aim to improve the one-stop commercial concept of SP Retail Centre to offer residents with better access to modern amenities, as well as boost property prices in the area.

With Bandar Seri Putra’s strategic position between Nilai and Bandar Baru Bangi, the township is poised to be a preferred place for home seekers and businesses; thus, investors and owners in the shop-offices can expect higher market prices and rentals in the future.

To bring in more growth, there are plans to build a series of homes for the rich. Projects that are under way at Bandar Baru Bangi are cluster homes and semi-Ds, with features that suit the local weather, such as louvres for privacy and sunshade for protection from the glare and heat of direct sunlight.

Sandstones, stones and other indigenous claddings and materials will also be used for greater durability and aesthetic value in its future homes.