MRT Corporation has entered into a Points of Agreement (POA) arrangement with the owners of the 21 land plots in Jalan Inai, which will be affected by the MY Rapid Transit project.

The POA addresses concerns such as access to the land for tunnelling works, withdrawal of land acquisition, compensation and judicial review, which some landowners have filed against the government.

The agreement was signed by Chief Executive of MRT Corp Datuk Azhar Abdul Hamid, as well as Dr Arthur Rajaratnam, Jason Ng Kau, Tuan Zuhayati and Yong Cho Joong, on behalf of the 21 landowners.

Datuk Abdul Hamid said that one of the company’s highest proproties is to accommodate the needs of landowners who will be affected by the MY Rapid Transit project, as well as to ensure that the project will be implemented according to schedule.

The signing of the POA showe MRT Corp’s dedication to provide efficient solutions to issues which may hinder the project, he noted.

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