Andaman Property Management Sdn Bhd (APM) seeks to be the leading property management and property related services company in Malaysia.

From January 2011 onwards, APM will be launching and managing at least 10 assets worth RM2 billion simultaneously, said Datuk Vincent Tiew, Executive Director for Sales and Marketing of the company.

Out of the 10 projects it currently manages, four belong to the Andaman group.

“And we anticipate more developers and landowners to request for our services this year,” said Mr. Tiew in an interview with StarBiz. He added that the company’s business model is to develop and handle properties while generating fast turnaround and high yield for landowners and developers.

Regarding its business model, Mr. Tiew said, “We want to be a leader in the industry in the country and build a strong track record of developing, maintaining and adding value to the properties that we manage in terms of yield, occupancy rates and capital gain for our clients, including property buyers.”