Dec 13, 2010

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Property advertisements

Keep a look out for property advertisements posted through websites or printed press. Driving around the chosen location of your property could also serve you good as you can spot other properties on sale in the area. From there you can pick a few properties and start to make arrangements for property viewing.

Arranging the viewing

Once you've picked the properties you want to view, note down the contact numbers featured on the advertisements. Usually, you would be contacting the estate agent. Arrange a time with them that you are comfortable with. You may also ask the agent if he or she has other properties that may suit you.

Viewing the property

When you are ready to view the house, have a partner with you that can help you spot things that you may miss. Viewing it in the day would be a better choice as you will be able to see well. You do not have to just view it once, if you like a property, try arranging for a second time, maybe at a different time for a different view and ambiance. You would probably have furniture you want to move over to the new property, so measure it to check whether it will fit but of course do not let your furniture be the deciding factor.

While viewing the property, do not rush things through and try to clear any doubts possible. Try to limit yourself to view a few properties a day, viewing too many may put you in a bigger dilemma. Do have a little notebook with you to note down details that will help make decisions easier for you.

What to look for: Exterior

  • How is the street like?

  • Is parking restricted?

  • Are there any slates or tiles missing from the roof?

  • Any signs of molding that could suggest leaks of poor maintenance?

  • Check for cracks on the walls to see if there are signs of neglects.

  • How big the house is and which direction it is facing?

  • Check the boundaries between properties as this can be a major source of hassle between neighbors.

What to look for: Interior

  • Layout of the house

  • Storage space

  • Décor

  • The state of electricity wiring and the fuse box

  • The water pressure from taps and showers.

Do not make an offer until you have done your final checks. Never be shy because after all, that property will be your home in the future.

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