Here's What You NEED To Know If You're A New Real Estate Agent

However, getting started in real estate can be a confusing and difficult process. As you get used to your "flexible schedule", you'll soon come to realize that you'll face a lot of tough decisions that only you can make. If you are expecting a smooth ride, you're in for a rude awakening.

27 Jul 2015

Are You Marketing Your Property Wrongly?

A popular discussion in the property market is usually on whether it’s a buyers or sellers market.

23 Jun 2015

Protecting Your Privacy When Selling Your Home

How you manage your privacy while you’re in the process of a sale?...

02 Oct 2014

Selling Before Buying

The most common question every homeowner selling their property will ask is, “should I sell or buy first?”...

29 Sep 2014

10 Ways to Close Sale Smoothly

These are ten easy things to check off your little list if you want to close the sale of your house...

29 Sep 2014