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Pulau Carey is more of an island village than a town and is connected to Selangor by a bridge from areas Teluk Panglima Garang and Chondoi. Since it is separated from the mainland by the Langat River, it rather obviously makes for a popular tourist spot, being a seaside destination. Being in such a spot does come with a downside as it is quite the task to get there. A drive from Kuala Lumpur to the area is not too direct as no major highways link directly to the bridge. If taking the KTM Komuter, one goes from the KL Railway Station to a stop at Port Klang.

Most modern amenities are in Port Klang as well. The island in itself is well known for its seafood and for its deeply indigenous culture despite its colonial past as the area’s Western name comes from a civil service officer from Britain. The original people of the area are called the Mah – Meri, belonging to the large group of Orang Asli people (indigenous people in general) well known throughout Malaysia. Economy and occupation are maintained mainly by its palm oil plantations, most notably the Golden Hope Plantation.

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