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Pulau Ketam speaks for itself. Translating to “crab island”, the area is an island nearby Port Klang, Selangor. Residents of the island mainly live in what is called “floating houses” or housing that is built on “stilts” on the seabed. The population mainly consists of a Chinese dialect speaking population. Getting to the area is made easy as a ferry from Port Klang can be boarded for travel. Travel around the area has to be done by bicycles though, as hardly any cars can be found. As of most seaside islands, this one is also well known for its seafood.

Staying true to its name, one of the more popular dishes has been proven to be its curry crab. Restaurants include Restoran Kim Hoe and Kuai Lok Hian. Recreational activities that can be done include fishing and even bird watching. The nature enthusiast can also “live” in a Kelong house for a while on rent. Other more unexpected amenities include a medical clinic (Hospital Desa Pulau Ketam), a Maybank and a few pubs to boot.


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