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If talking about property investment, Malaysia is still the best country to invest in if compare to China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and other asian countries.
Even though the properties in China and Hong Kong are extremely high but it still have not reach property bubble yet and you expect Malaysia property to reach bubble? Not yet! Malaysia still got a long way to go! I am a Senior Real-Estate Negotiator in Malaysia covering the whole KL and Selangor area. If you have any property that wish to Sell, Buy, or Rent, please feel free to contact me and I must do my best to assist you as much as I can. Location covered: whole KL city centre and Selangor area. Thank you & Have a Wonderful Day! Always remember 2 Rules when come to Investing: Rule number 1: Never Lose Money. Rule number 2: Never Forget Rule Number 1. Risks come from not knowing what you're doing!

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