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4 Dijual

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Lokasi Zhen Zhen Beroperasi

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To rent, buy or sell an industrial property in Johor Bahru requires skillful execution that only a professional can provide.
Allow me to showcase my competency. I offer you a strong understanding of local market trends that only experience can provide from the ground up. The process of identifying the right property, pricing it right, pre & post sale/lease property inspections, disclosures, loan & mortgage application, and negotiation is a breeze when you partner me! With years of consistent performance in the real estate industry in Johor Bahru, I consistently deliver satisfactory results to my clients! I am an accomplished problem solver and strong negotiator. Let my skills and experience in the field combine to achieve your real estate goals! Please call me at 019 718 7004 for appointment to view today! Thank you. 房地产经纪人, 房地产代理,房地产中介

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