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RM 700,000
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Bilik Tidur
3, 4, 5
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3, 4
1832 kps - 2777 kps
Mio Spring
Gamuda Cove Experience Gallery, Bandar Gamuda Cove, Persiaran Cove Sentral, Banting, Kuala Langat, Selangor
  • Japanese-Inspired Facilities
  • Next to Central Park
  • Extra 3m frontage
  • Open Concept Living Room


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Rumah Teres 2 Tingkat Dijual


Gamuda Land (T12) Sdn Bhd

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Tahun Siap


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New launch

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Tentang Mio Spring

Experience Township Living

Live in a township that knows it all.

As a modern refuge that thrives for you and your family, Gamuda Cove is a sustainable, low-carbon city; located beside the Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands and lush forest reserves. With seamless intracity connectivity through tram systems and shuttle buses, convenience is simply outside your doorsteps.

Mio Spring is a new double storey neighbourhood, featuring biophilic designs that suits the modern urban living.

Modern Japanese-Inspired Garden Terrace

Mio Spring is a new modern Japanese-inspired garden terrace located within the township of Gamuda Cove. Suitable for multi-generational families, the luxury of wide spaces, such as linear gardens within the home, allows for new experiences in the strengthening of familial bonds. Spend time in the comfort of your loved ones without worries.

Experience Spring from the comfort of your space

The concept of mindful space design is a common practice amongst the Japanese in order to create spaces that harmonises with the surroundings whilst maintaining the comfort and well-being of the residents.

Mio Spring pays homage to this philosophy through its biophilic infrastructure, as seen with open spaces allowing ample natural sunlight and pockets of garden that traverses the home.

Additional Facilities :
- Gated & Guarded
- 24 hours Security
- Zen-Inspired Grand Entrance Statement
- Multipurpose court
- Ninja Play Park
- Bamboo Pavilion
- Bamboo Trail
- Japanese-Inspired Landscape
- Zen Moon Swing Selanjutnya

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3 Bilik Tidur
4 Bilik Tidur
5+ Bilik Tidur
Type A
1847 kps
RM 700,000 Bermula dari
3 3 1847 kps - 2096 kps RM 378.99 PSF
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Type B
1832 kps
Type C
2102 kps
RM 700,000 Bermula dari
4 3 1832 kps - 2081 kps RM 382.10 PSF
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RM 900,000 Bermula dari
4 4 2102 kps - 2392 kps RM 428.16 PSF
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2533 kps
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2518 kps
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2734 kps
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RM 1,200,000 Bermula dari
5 4 2518 kps - 2668 kps RM 476.57 PSF
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RM 1,300,000 Bermula dari
5 4 2734 kps - 2773 kps RM 475.49 PSF
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RM 1,400,000 Bermula dari
5 4 2749 kps - 2777 kps RM 509.28 PSF
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Mio Spring by Gamuda Land (T12) Sdn Bhd

Mio Spring

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