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Dear Property Owner, In order to determine the value for your land, a few information is needed. 1. Land Size: (which is 18x30 as stated) 2. Location: (please furnish with the location but if you do not wish to disclose the actual location you may give the surrounding amenities within 1KM) 3. Tenure: (Freehold or Lease Hold) 4. Purpose: (The land under the title which stating the use of purpose of the land, normally as "Residential or Commercial or Agriculture or Industrial) 5. The condition of the land: (is the land vacant or have any building erected or any fruits or plant) 6. Any Development Order? With these basic info the property valuer should be able to help you determine the value of the land . Unfortunately you will need someone from your area to help you in getting the value. I am in Klang Valley and I am not familiar with the market value in Teluk Intan. If you interested to invest in Klang Valley please do not hesitate to contact me. Regards Read More