Join PropertyGuru In Making The Malaysian Dream Of Owning A Home Come True With Just One Click

Join PropertyGuru In Making The Malaysian Dream Of Owning A Home Come True With Just One Click
  • A young breadwinner, a single mother, a cancer survivor, a gambling-addict-turned-pastor, and a paralyzed scholar stands to become a first-time homeowner through PropertyGuru’s Home Giveaway campaign
  • Malaysians can learn about their stories, show their support, and vote for the most deserving finalist from today until 31 May, at

Join PropertyGuru In Making The Malaysian Dream Of Owning A Home Come True With Just One Click

Kuala Lumpur, 6 May 2021: PropertyGuru, Malaysia’s No. 1 property website, today announced the 5 finalists that have been nominated from all over the country for its ‘Home Giveaway’ campaign. As part of PropertyGuru’s commitment to help people own a home, the campaign aims to offer one deserving Malaysian a brand-new, fully furnished home at Tropicana Metropark, Subang Jaya, worth over RM600,000. Malaysians at large can be a part of this journey in supporting someone’s home ownership aspiration by voting for them on

Sheldon Fernandez, Country Manager, PropertyGuru Malaysia said, “In the last 10 years, PropertyGuru has been a part of Malaysians’ home ownership journey, as we empower them to make more confident property decisions and help them find and own their dream home. The home ownership dream is one that we know many Malaysians have strived towards before and even now as we are going through the pandemic. However, from the 1,000 over honest and stirring stories we received from the PropertyGuru Home Giveaway campaign, we understand it is still a distant dream for many.”

According to PropertyGuru’s Malaysia Consumer Sentiment Study H1 2021, the buying sentiment among Malaysians remains strong as 1 in 3 are still looking to own a property, even more so in 2021. However, the rising home prices and the increasing difficulty in securing housing loans have made this dream elusive for many. A majority of Malaysians cite inability to afford down payment (52%) and unstable job/salary (46%) as top barriers to taking a home loan.

Sheldon said, “There’s an urgent need to address the affordable housing woes, which requires a long-term action plan and close collaborations between the public and private sectors. We’re committed to play our part where we can. The Home Giveaway campaign is one way that we can help change a deserving Malaysian’s life and enable them to achieve their aspiration of owning a home where they belong. We would like to call on all Malaysians to be a part of this journey, too. All it takes is one click to vote and to change someone’s life.”

During the nomination period of the campaign, PropertyGuru received more than 1,000 entries on inspirational life stories of Malaysians and their homeownership aspirations, submitted by their friends and families. PropertyGuru has shortlisted five finalists –

  1. Faridah Harris

Faridah, a 23-year-old student, does not only dream of getting good grades. Over the course of the year, she works day and night as she balances studies and part-time work. Whilst her peers go out for movies or vacations during the holidays, Faridah did various oddball jobs over the years, such as being a personal shopper for customers during the pandemic or trading at car boot sales. She did all this as she had to take on the role of the sole breadwinner in her family, and she wanted to fulfil her family’s dream of owning a home of their own.

  1. Jacqueline Caroline Sammy

Jacqueline’s aspirations have changed over the years throughout her different battles – of surviving breast cancer, of overcoming depression, of living with facial palsy. Now, years on after her medical challenges, her dream is to own a home she can call hers; a space where she can allow herself to be lost in the world of dance, arts, and craft whenever life tries to put her down.

  1. Salini Idris

Having moved countless times in the last decade alone, Salini, who works around the clock as a single parent, and her kids have never found a physical place they could call home. Every effort to apply for government aid in gaining a low-cost home ownership remained unsuccessful. That has not stopped her from working tirelessly as a kiosk trader, so she can pay the rent to continue putting a roof over her children’s head, while saving up for her ultimate dream of owning her own home.

  1. Lim Ban Hing

Once an addicted gambler, Lim fought his way out of his addiction, and he is now a church pastor on a mission to help other gamblers escape their addictions. He has helped several families stay together through founding the Gambler Rehab Center Malaysia, offering counsel and a listening ear to both gamblers and their families alike. Lim has always dreamed of owning a home for his family, and he was nominated by the families of those he helped in the past.

  1. Basri Husri

For Dr Basri, the dream of owning his own space is more than just a desire. As a person who lives with physical disabilities, the narrow walls and lack of accessibility that surround him are an obstacle every bit of the way. Having lived in an unsanitary neighbourhood, Dr Basri unfortunately became paralysed due to the environment being a breeding ground for dengue mosquitos. Though his career as a researcher does not require much movement, the scholar finds the limited space a hindrance when wanting to play with his young child, despite having his attentive wife by his side.

Visit to watch the videos of these 5 incredible individuals’ inspiring tales. Show your support to the individual you think most deserves to win a freehold fully-furnished home at Tropicana Metropark, Subang Jaya by voting for them from today until 31 May 2021. Your one vote can help turn a Malaysian home seeker into a first-time homeowner.


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