Defect Checking Your New Home

Mangalesri Chandrasekaran5 Dec 2016


As many of us are aware, purchasing a house is a long and expensive process which requires a vast amount of knowledge. Even though there are many sources available to guide you through the process of acquiring a home, yet many fail to educate you on what to do after acquiring your new home.

Upon receiving the keys to your unit, checking for defects is a vital process which is commonly overlooked by many. This is mainly caused by the lack of awareness, as only few know that the defects will be rectified by the developer itself upon filing a ‘Defect Rectification Form’.


Step 1: Prepare the Necessities


The first thing we should do upon receiving the keys is to check the house for defects. Some developers will provide you with a standard Defect Rectification Form. Meanwhile, others will require you to list down the defects and pass it to them. However, the contractor will tend to overlook and miss some of the defects while rectifying the issues.

Hence, instead of just listing down the defects on a piece of paper, also mark the spots which will make the contractor’s job much more easier.

Firstly, prepare a few items that will come in handy such as a pen, paper, marker pen, masking tape, measuring tape, spirit level, torch light, stool and digital camera.




Step 2: Identify the Defects


Once all the necessary tools are prepared, focus thoroughly on these five areas:


1. Walls and Ceiling

All the walls and the ceilings should be screened for defects such as:

  • Cracks, wavy and uneven surfaces
  • Holes and chips
  • Missing plaster
  • Fungus and water marks
  • Lumps, bubbles, flaky paint and protruding objects (nails, stray pipes, loose wiring and iron rods sticking out)



2. Tiles and Floor

Damages on the tiles and floors are easy to be spotted. One should look out for:

  • Missing, cracked, chipped and slanting tiles
  • Gaps in the wall skirting



3. Doors and Windows

Damages on the doors and windows are easy to spot as well. Check for:

  • Poor workmanship (missing screws, damage, rust and dirt)
  • Gaps between the door and window frames
  • Can be opened easily and unobstructed
  • Water damage (if windows are not installed properly)



4. Miscellaneous Fixtures

The developer will provide an inventory list of the fixtures and accessories list that comes with your home. Among the fixtures and accessories includes the number of electrical points, taps, sink, shower heads and so on.

Ensure everything is in order and nothing is missing.





5. Leaking Pipes

Check with the developers on where the pipes in your units are as to prevent accidently puncturing the pipes. Check for:

  • Exposed pipes
  • Water stains




Ensure all the defects are listed out on the defect rectification form or on a piece of paper. Besides that, also mark the defect areas with a masking tape and write the type of defects that needs rectification. This is to make sure that the contractor doesn’t miss out any spots.


Article written based on Home Defect Rectification Checklist After Vacant Possession by Aaronpang

Jeymans Azman
Oct 27, 2018
after defect has been detected,how long should it takes before we can move in.Any standards period to take noted?

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