5 Tips for Fast Home Selling in Sarawak

Mangalesri Chandrasekaran12 Jul 2016


I’ve seen people fall prey to increased blood pressure, depression, rage, and other such negative emotions while shouldering the task of fast home selling. I have personally sold two homes and not once experienced or understood these reactions people have when their house is in the market.

If I may say so myself; I’ve had great success in selling my homes fast and fair, and I am quite comfortable carrying out more of the same transactions.

I didn’t learn about home selling from books or the internet. I stepped into the field and learned from the pros. Last year, on my Dubai tour I visited the Al Marjan RAK only to be blown away by the vast expanse of properties being tossed around in the hands of buyers and sellers within days.

The real estate business there was so effortless and buzzing; I couldn’t help but jot down points for when it’s time to sell my own home. Well, my observations came in real handy, and hence I am sitting here expanding the gist of my experiences and observations to you.

Much like the homes in Al Marjan RAK, houses in Sarawak have the luxury of being located in scenic surroundings. Beautiful surroundings make selling homes less of an ordeal. So, there’s no need to boil your blood over trying to sell your home fast when you can get it done pretty easily through the following ways:


1. Post a Video Love Letter About Your Home on The Internet




If you have lived long enough in a vicinity, you must have things you love about the place. Get your hands on a cheap digital camera and film the entire place. Make a cute short film showing the doorways, alleys, rooms, terrace, lawn, window view and et cetera from the house.

Make it extra special by adding clippings of the neighborhood as well; your favorite bakery, park, or the library in your block that you visit frequently.

Tweak the video and post it up along with important contact info and other credentials on YouTube, your Facebook profile and other social media channels. Interested buyers will be streaming in in no time!


2. Light Up The House  




After the location, the second thing that leaves a lasting impact on the buyer’s mind is how lighted, airy, and spacious your house is. With your furniture moved out, this shouldn’t be hard to achieve.

Maximize the lighting in your house by taking down the drapers/curtains, rubbing the windows clean, increasing the wattage of your indoor lights, and cutting overgrown bushes/branches outside to let in loads of light. In order to make it get off the market quick, make your house look cheery, bright, and presentable to buyers.


3. De-personalize


Before-and-After-2 (1)


It is very important to take the home out of your house before opening it to buyers. Your personal stuff and taste in setting up a home makes it difficult for buyers to fit their furniture and ideas in the house. Hide away any memorabilia or personal keepsakes that might interrupt your buyer’s image of living in the house.

Consider hiring a home stager who can help stage your furniture in a manner that amplifies the use of space and portrays the floor plan at its best.


4. Be Readily Available to Show




Don’t expect your house off the market anytime soon if you’re not willing to show your house to every prospect who conveys even the smallest interest in buying. For that, you must keep the house well kept and ‘show-ready’ at all times.

Also, answer the doorbell for a buyer at whatever time they find convenient to check in on the house. It may sound a little inconvenient but it’s more bearable than having to wait months (or worse, years) for your house to get sold.


5. Modernize the Place




This could be a costly investment if your house needs a lot of work, but trust me, it’s worth it. Whatever you spend on the house will come back in the form of buyer’s payment and within only a month or two!

In a heaven-like place such as Sarawak, you can make your house a luxury property for sale by adding these few contemporary touches:

  • A backyard deck
  • Gourmet kitchen
  • An inviting balcony
  • Vegetable garden
  • Open up the floor plan by bringing down unnecessary walls

Image credits: home.bt.com, bankrate.com, realtourvision.com, malaysiatravelnews.com, bosdethomes.com and hzcdn.com



The author always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her interests with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estates with respect to pricing and people involved, and can express her opinions in an unhesitant, engaging manner.


This article is contributed by Rachel Stinson


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