Kepong Official Punched By Resident For Choosing Cheaper Lift Repair

September 27, 2018


An official of Mutiara Fadason’s Joint Management Body (JMB) was punched in the face by a resident for not choosing Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s (DBKL) contractor to fix broken lifts at the project, reported The Star.

46-year-old Song Kok Ann, the treasurer of the low-cost housing development in Kepong, suffered a bleeding nose due to the altercation.

“He was not happy because we decided to use our own contractor who quoted us a much lower price to repair the faulty lifts. DBKL’s quotation was RM125,000, while our contractor was willing to do it for RM35,000.

“As the treasurer of the JMB, I have a responsibility to go with the more reasonable option.” Song hopes that there would be no more issues so that the appointed contractor can fix the broken elevators in two to three weeks.

It’s fortunate that Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng donated RM20,000 to Mutiara Fadason’s managing body to partly fund the RM35,000 lift repair. However, Lim was saddened by the punching incident.

“I am disappointed with what happened today. I do not condone violence. There’s always an avenue to discuss matters peacefully,” he explained.

Another JMB member, who wants to remain anonymous, revealed that city hall’s contractor asked for a higher price as the needed spare parts had to be bought from another country.

“We have decided to fix two of the smaller lifts to save cost and our contractor said he will use some parts from the other non-functioning lifts for the repairs.”

Notably, the only working lift in Mutiara Fadason’s building C stopped working since 20 August. As such, residents there met with DBKL Executive Director for project management Datuk Mohd Najib Mohd last week to ask for help.

KL City Hall agreed to repair the elevators, but Najib hopes that the residents there would cooperate with their JMB and pay their maintenance fees so that the managing body will have enough money for critical repairs. Without funds, the managing body cannot repair the lifts.

“We will bill them later for the repairs,” he said, explaining that DBKL is not allowed to tap public funds to fix the facilities at private developments.

“We hope residents living in high-rises will inculcate the habit of paying their maintenance fees on time and learn to live in such an environment.”

Previously, The Star reported that residents at Mutiara Fadason have been negatively impact by the breakdown of the elevators. This is because a third of the residents there are old and some have disabilities. Some also have been injured while using the broken stairs at the three 18-storey blocks there.

Each building comes with 360 low-cost flats and two elevators. However, the Occupational Safety and Health Department shut down one lift in each building several years ago due to poor upkeep.

The development’s managing body also accumulated debts totalling RM933,300 over the past five years, including utility bills and taxes.

Furthermore, many residents could not afford to pay Mutiara Fadason’s monthly maintenance fee of RM43, while others intentionally don’t pay over fears that their money would be wasted.


Image sourced from The Star Online


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