As a property agent, you focus on listing your property online and hope it gets noticed by property seekers. To do so, you first spend a considerable amount of time creating the perfect property listing by providing great pictures, captivating headlines and comprehensive details of your property. But even so, your competitors may also be doing the same!

So, how can your listing attract more views than your competitors’?

The solution is – Spotlight, where your listing can get up to 5X more listings views* than regular listings!

A Spotlighted listing stands out in search results to capture relevant property seekers’ interest and generate more leads with:


Instead of upfront payment, Spotlight is activated using Ad Credits. This provides you the convenience to manage your listing marketing activity easily. 

What’s more! Spotlight your listing on-the-go now

You can now Spotlight your listing on-the-go with our AgentNet app, to retain your competitive edge at anytime, anywhere! This means maximising your time in a day for viewings and other activities, all whilst your listing gets maximum exposure on search results.

The Continuous Spotlight function is also available on the app. It enables your listing to be automatically re-Spotlighted every 7 days, till you uncheck it. Through this, you can always outrank your competitors on search results securing up to 5X more views* for your listings!

In just a few steps in AgentNet appyou can Spotlight your listings by:

1. Go to AgentNet app > Active Listings
2. Select the listing you wish to Spotlight and click on Spotlight 
  Spotlight icon

3. Check the Ad Credit amount required and complete Spotlighting your listing by clicking on this
Spotlight now

 4. Your listing will be shown as ‘Spotlight’ under Active Tools. Here, you can activate “Continuous Spotlight” by swiping the ‘Off’ button to the right, to turn it ‘On’.


For complete guide on how to Spotlight your listing using AgentNet app, visit our Help Article

What are you waiting for? 
Spotlight your listing today and get up to 5X more views*!


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Let’s look forward to a future of possibilities, together.

-PropertyGuru Team
*Data source: PropertyGuru internal data, Oct – Nov 2019

Read more information on Spotlight here.