Gaining the attention of property seekers during their property search is not always an easy feat. Property seekers want clear property descriptions and are attracted to appealing property photos, while you desire to stand out from competition and have your listing capture their interest during the search.

PropertyGuru is pleased to announce on 11th Feb’19, a new feature Spotlight, that will take your property marketing from the average to extraordinary. We are bringing more visibility to your quality listings to capture the listing views and leads you deserve.

Thanks to Spotlight’s more outstanding look and feel, your listing will outshine competitors’ listings in search results, and property seekers can now connect with you more easily!

Watch this video for more info!


What is Spotlight?

Spotlight allows your quality listing to stand out in search results, capture relevant property seeker’s interest and generate more leads with six awesome features. It, however, does not influence the listing’s ranking in search results.




How to Spotlight your Quality Listing?

Booking of Spotlight is self serve via AgentNet and uses Ad Credits instead of upfront payment. Depending on your listing type, property type and location, different amount of Ad Credits is needed. The credit quantity will be displayed after you have selected your listing.

Your listing also requires to have a quality score of 95% or higher and a completed headline with the property’s unique selling point, for a successful Spotlight booking.

In 4 simple steps, your Spotlighted listing will be ready to outshine the rest for 7 days.

  1. Go to AgentNet (Web) > My Listings
  2. Select the listing you wish to Spotlight and click on “Spotlight”
  3. Ad Credits required to Spotlight is shown here. Click on “Spotlight Now” to proceed
  4. Confirm you have made a successful Spotlight booking by checking its start and end date


Be Bold. Be Spotted. Be in the Spotlight now!


To learn more about Spotlight, click here.