With over 3 million property seekers browsing more than 450,000 listings on our platform every month, PropertyGuru sees an increasing need to provide a better customer experience to property seekers more than ever before.

This means property seekers are demanding for more quality listings and lesser fake or duplicate listings.

As part of our efforts to bring the best property search experience to property seekers, we’re implementing an update to the amount of Ad Credits required to ‘Repost’ a listing on AgentNet. Effective 1 October 2019 (Tuesday) onwards, all residential listings will require 2 Ad Credits to Repost, this also includes residential listings that have opted for Auto-Repost.

Through this, PropertyGuru aims to bring more attention to high-quality listings to engage property seekers and remove distractions caused by fake or duplicate listings. By presenting high-quality listings, agents like yourself will be able to expect more serious leads that have a higher chance of converting to actual sales. 

Thank you, for being an important part of PropertyGuru’s success in Malaysia – and we hope to be able to continue delivering more value to your career as a property agent. 

Should you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service at 603 7932 7555 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm) or drop us an email at enquiries@propertyguru.com.my

Find out more about this update in our Help Center.

Hien Hashim
Nov 20, 2019
Thank you PG! PG is now my No 1 choice for property portal, NOT!
Charles Goh
Nov 05, 2019
Cost per post increased nearly FOUR times. Propertyguru must be joking and getting rich on the poor backs of suffering agents. I am searching for other portals to advertise. Can anyone advise. PM me .Thanks
Oct 26, 2019
PG please reconsider this move as it will discourage agents to use the portal eventually...
Albert Low
Oct 23, 2019
If I knew before hand that PG is going to increase to 2 Credits, I would definitely not renew my subscription. The reasons given for the sudden increase is totally unacceptable. Terence Yap comments make sense. PG reasoning is totally not to the interest to all subscribers......
Bernard Yeo
Oct 21, 2019
Such an untimely move without considerations for its clientale & current market conditions
Terence Yap
Oct 14, 2019
This is total bullshit on PG. REN will create more duplicates by putting NEW same listings to save credits instead of repost using 2 credits. And leaving the existing one until expires. So how is PG addressing this? Don’t make sense. More duplicates in PG. Fake listings is PG and users’ responsibility to report and PG to remove. What have PG done so far? And how does reposting and charging 2 credits now solve this? To make report to MCMC:- https://www.mcmc.gov.my/make-a-complaint/make-a-complaint
Oct 08, 2019
I am so happy that you do this, now iproperty stand a higher chance to conquer the market
Oct 08, 2019
I am so happy that you do this, now iproperty stand a higher chance to conquer the market
Fadzillah Jalal
Oct 07, 2019
Luckily, Announcement of increment of Ad Credits to double were made when my Acct is expiring. Very expensive. Not continuing my contract. Price hike with Repost Ad credit increase is just not acceptable!
Loretta Cheow
Oct 07, 2019
If I had known Property Guru was going to double the number of ad credits needed to repost or auto repost, I would not have renewed my subscription!!!!