How A Good Mattress Boosts Your Health

15 Dec 2021

How A Good Mattress Boosts Your Health

Have you ever tossed and turned all night trying to get into a comfortable sleeping position but end up watching the hours tick by and you’re still unable to sleep? When you wake up in the morning, do you feel like you need a good back massage to work out the kinks in your spine? If you suffer from back pain that hits as soon as you wake up, but disappears within 15-30 minutes after some stretching, then that is a major sign that your mattress is doing more harm than good.

Using the wrong mattress could be causing or even worsening your back pain. A mattress that is too soft to provide proper support reinforces poor sleeping posture, which strains muscles and does not help keep your spine aligned, all of which contribute to lower back pain. On the other hand, sleeping on a mattress that is too firm will cause joint pressure.

Ideally, your mattress should provide support for the natural curves and alignment of the spine. To avoid soreness in the morning, the right amount of back support is crucial. A study has found that a medium-firm mattress that has been self-adjusted by the user is optimal for promoting sleep quality and spinal alignment.

Once you find the perfect mattress, you’ll start to enjoy better sleep, which in turn comes with various health benefits that can improve your quality of life. Some of the benefits include a stronger immune system, leading to lowered risk for critical illnesses like heart disease.

A good sleep also helps mentally by reducing stress and boosting your mood, leaving you with a clearer mind to make good decisions, as well as getting along better with the people around you.

What’s In A Mattress

One baffling part of the mattress choosing process is whether to pick a foam, spring or latex type mattress.

Foam mattresses are made of a mixture of polyols, isocyanates and other compounds. High-density foam makes the mattress more durable by reducing compression in them. These mattresses are very reasonable and comparatively low in quality in some cases. Polyfoam is usually used as top layers in spring mattresses since it provides durability.

The foam provides ample support but it is not considered as the most effective because of the lack of support on the pressure points. The foam tends to sink instead of contouring which does not provide good support.

Spring mattresses are constructed with a series of spring mattresses that provide support to the sleeper. The top layer or the comfort layer of the spring mattress can be made from any type of foam including memory foam which provides an added layer of comfort and support to the lumbar, making them suitable for everyone since the pressure points are very distinctive.

Spring mattresses are also naturally ventilated as there is no high density in them. These mattresses are great for warm areas and hot sleepers.

Latex mattresses can be made of either natural latex, synthetic latex or a mix of both. Natural latex mattresses are considered to be the best choice as they are made hypoallergenic. Synthetic latex has exactly the same features at a comparatively lower intensity and a lower cost which makes them favorable as well. The mixed latex mattresses are usually only about 30% natural to support the synthetic material.

Latex mattresses are highly breathable and well ventilated which makes them a great fit for people who tend to sleep warm and wake up hot. They contour the shape of the sleeper to provide support and come back to the original form with the help of their natural bouncing properties. Since these mattresses are high in density and stable, they are highly suited for overweight people.

Choosing Your Mattress

Mattresses generally have a lifespan of about 8 years, so when you notice sagging, especially in the middle, it is probably time for you to get a new one.

Bear in mind that it is not as easy as repurchasing the same brand and model. Our body weight, sleeping habits and bone density change over time, so it is important to first test out your new mattress rather than purchasing the cheapest one online.

The first thing you need to know about is the different firmness levels. These firmness levels refer to the initial feel you experience when you first lay on a mattress, whether you are sinking in or resting on top of it. The mattress industry often scores its bed on a scale of 1-10 to help consumers understand firmness.

According to Sleepopolis, mattresses that are scored within 3-5 on the firmness scale are considered as “soft” mattresses. This category of mattresses are indicated by feelings of deep sinkage, body-contouring and pressure relief.

Cushioning materials like quilted pillow tops or thick sections of memory foam are incorporated into their top layers, also known as “comfort layers”. Soft mattresses are highly recommended for strict side sleepers and those in need of extra comfort at the shoulders, hips and lower back. 

Meanwhile, medium-firm mattresses are those are fall within the 6-7 range on the scale. These mattresses provide a good balance between pressure relief and support, thanks to a combination of soft foam top layers with sturdier foundations of either high-density poly foam or pocketed coils.

Although it can be recommended for a wide range of sleepers, it is particularly good for combination sleepers or back sleepers, as these groups can benefit a lot from extra mobility.

Mattresses that score 8-10 on the firmness scale are categorized as firm mattresses. Unlike the first two types, these mattresses rarely incorporate soft or plush materials into their comfort layers.

In their place instead is a thin layer of soft foam atop high-density poly foam or springs. This makes firm mattresses highly supportive, lifting every part of your body squarely off the bed with plenty of push back.

Firm mattresses are recommended for strict stomach sleepers and plus-sized people as they would appreciate the extra heft from these structures. 

Going Green

As mentioned above, a typical mattress’s lifespan is about 7-10 years. This means that companies that offer ridiculously long warranties that last up to 100 years are not realistically reflecting the mattress lifetime. In addition, the claims process can take a while due to warranty speed and going through customer service and their procedures.

Local company SweetDream aims to be more sustainable with the warranty raw materials by opting to recycle rather than dispose. In addition, they implement a transparent warranty process that solves warranty cases 33% quicker than the industry standard of 25 working days.

This results in the assurance that any mattress worries will be both properly and sustainably sorted.

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