The trade-off of living in affluent cities is often the high premium of acquiring living spaces. Urbanites residing in high-rise residences face the challenge of creating attractive homes within limited spaces while staying close to familiar amenities. However, Sierra Hijauan residents don’t have to worry about this predicament. The link villas, semi-detached homes, and bungalows here offer privacy and cosiness. The generous spaces and informal living areas allow homeowners to design their interiors with an intuitive and uncluttered feel.

Nestled in a valley at the foothills of the Hulu Gombak and Ampang Forest Reserve, Sierra Hijauan is only 15km away from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre.  It is a low-density development with just 310 units within its 32.77-acre land size. This exclusive project is highly sought-after due to the scarcity of new landed, gated, and guarded projects in the coveted Ampang area.

Sierra Hijauan embodies its location and name. “Sierra” refers to a range of mountains in Spanish, while “Hijauan” is a delightful play on the Malay word for “green.” Together, Sierra Hijauan symbolises the lush hilly surroundings and the integration of contemporary homes within nature’s calming embrace.

One of the intangible luxuries offered here is that residents don’t feel like they are living in the city when they are home. IJM Land aims to intuitively fulfil this modern aspiration with a nuanced approach.

Phase 2H_Master Room

Homeward Bound

For citybound business owners, executives, and professionals, the fine line between work and home has overlapped, with more time spent in the comfort of their own space rather than the office. Sierra Hijauan offers a serene retreat where residents can embrace a rewarding hybrid routine of working from home

At Sierra Hijauan, residents are greeted by a cooling perennial fog and rain-caressed mornings, while the evenings come alive with a symphony of flora and fauna. These charming consistencies become an integral part of everyday life, adding to the unique rhythm of living here.

“In life, it is empowering to be able to move and breathe at your own pace,” said Mr. Chai Kian Soon, Senior General Manager of IJM Land. “When you are unencumbered, a productive day leads to a pleasant evening and a rejuvenating morning. Achieving that becomes extremely challenging if you find yourself in a cramped and constricted living space.”

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The homes at Sierra Hijauan are thoughtfully designed with sizable windows and doors, allowing residents to fully immerse themselves in the surrounding environment from their bedrooms and living rooms. The emphasis is on creating airy passageways and a breezy resort-style ambience. Every detail is carefully considered to ensure that even enclosed areas feel open and inviting, whether for work or relaxation.

“At Sierra Hijauan, the difference is palatable once you’ve entered through our gated compound. It becomes a highly desirable place to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul upon return from work, meetings, travels, commutes, and social obligations,” added Mr. Chai.

Phase 2E_Master Room

Nature’s Haven

At Sierra Hjiauan, the pleasures of having one’s own garden cannot be denied, and residents here are free to cultivate a flourishing oasis within their own compound. Imagine spending weekends tending to beautiful flowers or even growing your own fruits, bringing both visual delight and a sense of fulfilment to gardeners.

But it’s not just about the internal spaces of the homes. The external environment is equally important, fostering a sense of community and neighbourly interaction. The resort-style development prioritises a well-rounded lifestyle, providing a range of recreational facilities such as a swimming pool, a meditation deck, water feature garden, yoga area, terrace garden, and a nature trail. Additionally, residents can enjoy exclusive access to the clubhouse that houses a gymnasium, as well as games and function rooms. 

These exceptional amenities contribute to Sierra Hijauan’s reputation as an exemplary green gem, reflected in its high take-up rates for recently launched phases 2E and 2H, which recorded 88% and 95%, respectively, within 2 months of launch. This continued positive response solidifies IJM Land’s standing as a leading township and property developer in Malaysia.

The launch of the final two phases, 2F and 2G2, has been brought forward to Q2 of 2023. Phase 2F and 2G2 respectively offer 20 units and 17 units of semi-detached and bungalow homes. Here, it’s not just about upward mobility, but a guarantee that a fulfilling life is within reach.

“As a result, residents will consistently experience a sense of refreshment and rejuvenation, enabling them to be creative, efficient, and effective in all their endeavours,” explained Mr. Chai.  “This way of life at Sierra Hijauan is envisioned to remain unchanged for years to come.”

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