The self-contained and sustainable township of Seremban 2 (S2) by IJM Land has been lauded for being the most progressive and successful development in Negeri Sembilan. Currently at 70% completion and still expanding rapidly, IJM’s flagship development in the state offers the modern amenities and convenience of the city while maintaining the serenity of a countryside atmosphere over 2,300 acres of freehold land.

S2 is now home to over 62,000 residents and counting. And a primary reason why the township has been a resounding success can be attributed to the cohesiveness of its residents. This is particularly evident when it comes to the capacity and inherent propensity of homeowners to live in harmony with one another as a growing community that will likely number more than 100,000 strong upon maturity.

The commitment of IJM towards community-building is truly commendable and deserving of recognition. The month of Ramadan and the Raya festivities present an excellent opportunity to foster a sense of togetherness and further enrich the value proposition of S2 through various interactive activities and events.

By undertaking these initiatives, IJM aims to reinforce the unity among the S2 residents and establish a strong foundation for future generations. The company’s dedication to promoting inclusivity and diversity is evident in its endeavours to create a sustainable and thriving township for all.

Hael Husaini wowed the crowd with an unforgettable performance at Seremban 2's open house event!

Hael Husaini wowed the crowd with an unforgettable performance at Seremban 2’s open house event!

Celebrating Togetherness

To further foster this sense of inclusivity, IJM hosted an open house with Astro radio station, Era, at S2. This event took place on 21 May, and it was open to all S2 residents and also the public.

The Era crew, featuring presenters Radin, Haniff, and Isha, were exceptional hosts, regaling the audience with their humorous banter, quirky antics, and infectious festive spirit. The event was further enlivened by the presence of celebrity guests, including Aina Abdul, De Fam, and Haell Husaini, who added to the excitement of the proceedings to go along with jamuan raya (festive food and snacks) galore. The attendees were thoroughly entertained and had a great time, as evidenced by their enthusiastic posts on social media, sharing their enjoyable experiences with friends and followers.

“Through this event, we hope to reinforce the Raya spirit of togetherness and strengthen the bond among the S2 community, transcending the boundaries of race and culture,” said Mr Chai, the Senior General Manager of IJM Land. “As a self-sustaining township that’s expanding rapidly, we want to emphasise the importance of inclusivity and diversity, and that everything we endeavour to do at IJM for S2 reflects these values.”

For visitors, there was also a special preview of upcoming IJM projects that were only unveiled during the open house and a special Raya promotion of an RM5,000 rebate for any bookings of S2 properties during the open house.

Ainal Abdul rocked the stage, lighting up Seremban 2's open house with her electrifying performance!

Ainal Abdul rocked the stage, lighting up Seremban 2’s open house with her electrifying performance!

Open Arms

Prior to the joyous festive month, it was also imperative that IJM contributed to assisting the underprivileged and those in need to alleviate their plight.

IJM Land is committed to embodying the essence of Eid Mubarak beyond just hosting a festive open house. The company aims to uphold the tradition of Zakat al-Fitr to support those who are less fortunate, ensuring that no one in the Seremban community  is left behind or marginalised.

During the fasting month, IJM shared the blessings of Ramadan with its annual Program Mesra Ramadan. This initiative provided relief to six underprivileged households with hopes that they too can partake in meaningful Raya celebrations despite their current trying circumstances.

Among the beneficiaries were Hazizi bin Hussain, a storekeeper diagnosed with diabetes, Harith Iskandar Raj bin Abdullah, a currently unemployed heart disease patient, and single mothers Siti Marina binti Soroh, Maszura binti Amir Sharuddin, Rosita binti Latiri, and Jamilah binti Bohari.

The crowd was enthralled as the playful clown brought laughter and delight to both young and old at Seremban 2, creating magical moments of entertainment!

The crowd was enthralled as the playful clown brought laughter and delight to both young and old at Seremban 2, creating magical moments of entertainment!

The developer contributed a box of kindness that includes necessities such as rice, cooking oil, noodles, Raya cookies, and RM1,000 in duit raya (or celebration money) as a simple festive gesture.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to give back,” said Mr Chai Kian Soon, Senior General Manager of IJM Land. “Our initiatives are aimed at making a positive impact and a difference in their lives. We hope that our small token of support brought some cheer during the festive season. As we move forward, we remain committed to supporting our homeowners in meaningful ways and look forward to future opportunities to give back.”

At its core, Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a celebration known as ‘the feast of the breaking of the fast.’ It signifies the end of the holy month of Ramadan, reminding us to cherish our blessings and strengthen familial bonds. At S2, the spirit of giving during Eid al-Fitri extends beyond just family and friends to encompass the broader community for years to come.

“Community living has always been a defining feature of S2, and we take great pride in what we have accomplished as a township that brings together people from diverse backgrounds to live, work, and engage in fulfilling social activities,” stated Mr. Chai, underscoring their commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive vibe at S2.”