IJM Land launches "Make A Difference (MAD)" Campaign to commemorate IJM Corp’s grand 40th Anniversary

15 Sep 2023

Since its establishment in 1983, IJM Corp has emerged as a prominent global player in various sectors, including construction, heavy industry, toll, and port infrastructure. Complementing this legacy, IJM Land, a subsidiary founded in 1989, has made a significant mark in property development.

IJM Land has forged an extraordinary path, achieving unparalleled success over the years, steadily scaling to prominence in an already competitive arena. This rise is driven by the enduring draw of real estate as steadfast investment bastions and tangible assets contributing to a sustainable environment.

IJM Land has consistently championed consumer trust with integrity, underpinned by a commitment to value creation for outstanding projects that have significantly bolstered the property development industry.

As the latest milestone in this remarkable journey, IJM Land proudly presents the “Make A Difference” (MAD) Campaign, reaffirming its dedication to sustainability and community engagement. This initiative aligns with and commemorates IJM Corp’s illustrious 40th Anniversary.

This initiative underscores IJM Land’s pivotal role within the larger group in prominently highlighting their shared vision of a responsible future anchored by a respected past. IJM proudly touts a distinguished portfolio of award-winning residential projects and integrated townships that have emerged as thriving hubs of commerce, featuring flourishing urban developments and vibrant local retail scenes. The developer’s innovative approach to property development transcends mere construction; it reverberates through comprehensive urban planning and the cultivation of sustainable practices.

In the self-sustaining Seremban 2 township developed by IJM Land, one can discover tranquil living coexisting with convenient accessibility just steps away.

In the self-sustaining Seremban 2 township developed by IJM Land, one can discover tranquil living coexisting with convenient accessibility just steps away.

Over four transformative decades, IJM Land has emerged as a potent force in helping to propel the group’s exponential growth and establishing an eminent presence lauded with important industry accolades. Credit goes to the astute design philosophy and development, seamlessly weaving nature and innovation into eco-conscious designs. As a result, IJM’s identity as a renowned industry player is honed and well-defined by an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, environmental stewardship, and community uplift with every visionary project conceived.

“We have conceived the MAD Campaign as a new cornerstone in transformative execution and delivery,” expressed Datuk Wong Tuck Wai, CEO of IJM Land. “Our objective is to build sustainable environments infused with positivity that enrich communities in general and lives in particular. It does not mean the culmination of a journey but indeed signifies the inception of a new and promising chapter.”

The MAD Campaign’s ethos reverberates with IJM Land’s fundamental philosophy of effecting profound transformation. The “Say Yes to 4R” initiative encapsulates the broader objective to Reduce, Repair, Reuse, and Recycle where applicable – a resounding call-to-action resonating across all projects and townships.

In this campaign, IJM embarks on a renewed commitment to sustainability with immersive, eco-centric events, and collaborations across diverse regions. This strategic shift aligns with the evolving real estate landscape, expanding into untapped territories characterised by robust infrastructure and reshaping the industry’s paradigms.

These visionary goals aim to amass a more than commendable 40,000 kg of recyclables through galvanising the whole IJM community to stride collectively for 40 million steps, reducing the carbon footprint significantly. The first 4,000 eco-champions achieving 10,000 weekly steps, totalling an astonishing 40 million steps within a week as a united community, will be rewarded. This relentless commitment to environmental stewardship goes further with the campaign’s plan to distribute 4000 plants, nurturing a greener future.

IJM Land introduced KITARecycle to 1028 primary school students at Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (C) Tung Hua, Seremban 2 Heights

IJM Land introduced KITARecycle to 1028 primary school students at Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (C) Tung Hua, Seremban 2 Heights

This year, the developer’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) shines through as the community rallies to contribute 4,000 hours to clean-up efforts, organise blood donation drives, visit welfare homes and orphanages and refurbish homes for low-income families.

“IJM Land stands firm as the vanguard of sustainable development, sowing the seeds of eco-friendly living while harmonising progress with eco-conscious responsibility. Each home we build seamlessly combines aesthetics, comfort and functionality. Today, as we celebrate our parent company’s remarkable achievement and resilience, we pledge to raise the bar alongside our community,” affirmed Datuk Wong. “A robust demand persists due to these strong underlying fundamentals which will steadfastly support the property market.”

IJM Land renovates the home of an underprivileged family in Seremban

IJM Land renovates the home of an underprivileged family in Seremban

Community empowerment is equally central to the campaign. Vibrant community bazaars, support for local enterprises, and community clean-ups foster inclusivity and uplift marginalised groups. The developer’s community blueprint not only underlines its commitment to excellence but also emphasises its impact on job creation and support for local businesses. This comprehensive approach amplifies the far-reaching impact and is poised to resonate for generations.


Augmenting these initiatives are workshops delving into gadget refurbishment, educational discourse on the art of upcycling furniture and strategic engagements focused on transmuting daily actions into potent change agents, consequentially making substantial contributions to the cause of environmental preservation.

To mark this significant milestone, IJM Land extends its sincere appreciation to its customers through exclusive promotional packages. The roster curates over 20 prestigious projects, featuring the likes of IJM Rimbayu, Seremban 2, Pantai Sentral Park, Bandar Alam Suria, The Light Waterfront, Riana Dutamas, and a plethora of other ventures spanning the geographical expanse of Klang Valley, Penang, Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Sabah, and Sarawak.

Fostering community through herb gardening at IJM Land's Riana Trees Residences.

Fostering community through herb gardening at IJM Land’s Riana Trees Residences.

Throughout the campaign period running from 15th September to 31st December, this super savers promotion is meticulously crafted to reimburse a cumulative sum of RM40 million to new homeowners of IJM Land. It concurrently bestows upon them four supplementary benefits, all devoid of any monetary obligation, subject to the terms and conditions stipulated within the purview of the respective IJM Land projects.

Additionally, within the campaign period, those who are enrolled in the exclusively tiered IJM Land Priority Program as a result of presently owning an IJM Land property, will enjoy an extra 0.25% cash rebate for their next property purchase. This benefit complements the existing percentages corresponding to their Platinum, Gold, or Silver memberships. It is a gesture of appreciation and gratitude from the developer to the existing residents and homeowners.

Datuk Wong concluded, ‘We will unceasingly endeavour for effective and meaningful progress in every sphere, aspiring to leave cherished legacies within IJM Corp and the world at large. The MAD campaign exemplifies our continuing narratives. It solidifies our standing as a top property developer whose acclaimed projects and townships are bespoke with superlative designs that more than meet the aspirations of owners as well as residents.’

For more information, visit https://ijmland.com/.


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