What To Do When Faced With Difficult Clients?

Communicating effectively and possessing people skills is a very fundamental part of your career where dealing with clients will eventually become a daily affair.

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The Top 5 Mistakes Property Agents Make

The property business has always been a lucrative market. But with the property market flooded with agents, it becomes even more critical to avoid making mistakes. Read more...

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4 Ways to Get More Income as a Property Agent

With the property market being an ever-booming business, it is no wonder that the market is flooded with property agents. But what can a property agent do to earn some extra cash when the property market slows down? Read more...

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This is What You Need To Know Before Buying Any Property

Buying a home is a major commitment with many important factors vying for one’s attention, including monetary, affordability, accessibility, connectivity, facilities and size.

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The 4 Things Lenders Consider Before Approving Your Home Loan

Home loans work the same way as any other loan does. The lender (the bank, as is often the case) charges an amount of interest and the borrower pays the money back plus interest in instalments. Read more...

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7 Things Every Homeowner Must Know Before Collecting Your New House Keys

After a long wait, your new house is finally ready. This is a memorable and momentous occasion, having watched the house being built over time from scratch. The developer is set to deliver the keys to you today. But do you know what to do next?

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Properties Are a Commitment. How Much Can You Afford?

Buying a property is probably the biggest decision anyone will ever make in their lives, aside from choosing their life partner. Are you ready for it? Read on to find out if you are.

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Ways to List Your Room for Homestay or Short Term Rental Other Than AirBnB

AirBnb’s website shows that those in Langkawi who can make RM2,801 (S$939.2) a week, followed by those around Malacca’s Jonker Walk (RM2,495 a week). Read more...

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The Top 5 Traits Every Property Agent Should Have

The property market is fair game for property agents. But with the flood of property agents, how do you differentiate yourself? Learn how to set yourself apart here.

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Property Buying Is a Serious Business. Are You Ready?

Are you buying a property just because someone told you that you should? Property buying is a serious decision not to be taken lightly. Read on to find out if you are ready.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-Broking

Co-broking is a common practice among property agents whereby passing acquaintances often become “partners” in selling a property. Unfortunately, there have been many cases of co-broking gone wrong out there.

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8 Calculations Every Property Investors Should Learn

A property investor is not truly a property investor if he invests without calculating the numbers. Thus I will be sharing eight basic property investment calculations which can aid you in making confident property investments. Read more...

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Managing Properties of the Deceased

People gain assets and properties throughout their lives and leave them all behind as they pass on. This has always been the trend for ages. Read more...

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You've sold your home. Now what to do with all this stuff?

Moving house almost always leaves you with a mountain of stuff you’re not quite sure what to do with. Read on to find out how to get started!

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The Legalities Behind Joint Venture Property Purchase

When property investors have trouble obtaining loans in the current economic climate, the solution is to leverage on other people’s money to build wealth, portfolio and income streams. Read more...

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Defect Checking Your New Home

Upon receiving the keys to your unit, checking for defects is a vital process which is commonly overlooked by many. Read more...

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How to Become a Neighbourhood Expert?

Being a Real Estate Agent requires a few skill sets, which also includes mastering a certain neighbourhood thoroughly. Even though one does not select a specialized area immediately after becoming an agent, yet it has to be done later on.

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5 Things Every Landlord should State in the Tenancy Agreement

David has received his key for his newly-completed condominium and found a potential tenant. He downloaded a tenancy agreement form via online and get it signed by the renter. However, later he regretted his decision of doing so. Read more...

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The Ultimate Guide to Refinancing

What is Mortgage? In the financial world, it is a secure loan where the collateral being used real-estate property. Read more...

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5 Tactics to Negotiate a Cheaper Rent

Whether you are looking for a place to rent or it’s time to renew your lease, it is a great time to work on your negotiating skills. Your bargaining power will depend on the property's demand and your value as a tenant. Read more...

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