3 Steps to Protecting Your Home Against Burglary

Have you ever encountered a situation where your house was burgled when you're away? Have you taken the necessary steps to protect yourself against such mishaps? Read more to learn the steps to protect your home against robberies...

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120 Don’ts When You Purchase A Residential Property

If you're interested in buying a residential property but unaware of the DON'Ts, read this article brought to you by Propcafe...

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3-Step Plan for Buying a Vacation Home in Penang

Do you love going on vacation? And have thought about buying a vacation home? Read more to learn the steps in buying your vacation home...

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Starting Guide for New Estate Agents

Are you interested in becoming a real estate agent but are unsure of how to do so? Read on to learn the steps towards becoming a successful estate agent...

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8 Step Guide To An Energy Efficient Home

Fed-up of paying high electricity bill every month? Unable to cut down the electricity consumption? Read more to learn the ways to reduce your monthly electricity bill...

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4 Steps to Effectively Rent Out Your Unit

Have you already purchased your first investment property? But unsure of what to do thereafter? Fret not! Read more to learn what to do right after you receive your keys...

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5 Steps to Get Your Mortgage Loan Rejected

No, you are not reading the headline wrong. Sometimes getting your loan rejected is an absolute must, especially when you are in dire straits or when you realised you had invested in the wrong property. Read more...

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Here’s How You Can Get the Best Property Deals

Have you ever been saving up for property downpayments and you’re ready to buy a good property, but all the new ones just keep getting snapped up before you even know about it? Read more...

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Top 8 Factors You Must Consider to Buy Your Dream Home

When you are planning to be a property investor or just a normal home buyer, you should spend some time studying the property market or at the very least keep abreast of it. Read more...

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4-Step Guide for Student Lease Properties

Property investment is not an easy task, as it consumes your time and energy through its long and lengthy process. But what happens next after you have successfully purchased your house? Read more...

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Differentiating Property Types in Malaysia

There are quite a number of residential property types in Malaysia to-date. However, in the recent years, many new types have mushroomed which causes nothing but confusion to homebuyers.

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20 Questions to Expect from Buyers from a Buyer's Point of View

As many of us are aware, property buying is a very complicated process with a huge amount at stake. It requires a vast amount of knowledge to ensure a good bargain. If you're eager to know the must ask questions to the agent, continue reading...

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How to Buy Auction Properties A-Z

If you are a real estate investor, you should know how lucrative below-market-value (BMV) properties are. But tracing one is not easy as it sounds. Finding a BMV property is highly challenging, unless the property is being auctioned.

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5 Things New Property Agents Need to Know

In Malaysia it would seem that any Tom, Dick and Harry can be a property agent. But what are the traits that you need to make you stand out from the crowd? Get your fill of tips here!

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5 Tips for Fast Home Selling in Sarawak

If you own properties in Sarawak and facing trouble marketing it, fret not! Read more to learn how to sell your home fast by following these simple tips.

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Top tips for a rental property makeover

Now is the perfect time for property owners to give their rental properties a check, and to ensure everything is on track with their investment.

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Guide for first time home buyer

With the local property market providing some of the best in real estate - attractive prices, competitive rates, avant-garde architecture and design - one would often see long queues at prime property development launches.

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Top Tips to Secure Your Home

As many people's thoughts turn to vacations, some simple checks on your property will help to keep it both safe and secure, giving you peace of mind to enjoy yourself with family and friends.

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