More Malaysians Keen On Secondary Market Properties

Only one in three Malaysians targeting units in new launches exclusively.

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More Than Half of Malaysians Feel That The Government Should Intervene In The Home-sharing Segment

Sentiment comes amidst challenging times for residential rentals, with continuing downward pressure on rental rates due to supply concerns

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Malaysians upbeat on property, though more national housing affordability initiatives needed

The majority of Malaysians still feel that a more targeted approach could be taken to address this pressing gap in the property market, according to the PropertyGuru Consumer Sentiment Survey H2 2018.

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PropertyGuru Market Outlook: Property Prices to Fall in 2019

Get a comprehensive insight into the 2019 property market with PropertyGuru 2019 Outlook Report. Charts and numbers included with supporting data. Read more...

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Consumer Sentiment Survey Show Improvements in 2018

Findings show that improving sentiment may persist going into 2018, as consumers react positively to issues of oversupply in the market, improved assistance from the government for affordable home ownership and macro-economic factors.

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Stamp Duty Exemption for House Buyers

Stamp duty waivers will play an important role in encouraging more homeownership among first-time buyers.

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Properties That Appeal to Buyers

The dream house is not far away in the eyes of aspiring homeowners who seem to have a hearty appetite when it comes to having a "slice" of property despite come what may.

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Property Sentiments across 4 Countries

Thailand and Indonesia property buyers are happier than Singaporean and Malaysian ones. Read on to find out why.

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Higher Expectations of Purchasing Property

The year 2017 has just begun amidst subdued celebrations and increased petrol prices. Nevertheless, property buyers still feel optimistic about purchasing a property despite facing financial problems. Read more...

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Know Your CRA Rights!

Malaysian mortgage loan rejection rates are at an all time high with bad or insufficient credit records. But is it legal for agencies to collect our personal data? Find out your CRA rights!

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Cost Estimation to Purchase a Subsale Property

When it comes to purchasing a house, many are unaware of the expenses that occur. So if you’re interested in acquiring a subsale abode and wondering roughly how much it will cost, fret not! We have the answer right here for you. Read more...

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Renting to Families or Students

Passive income is the all new in thing and buying properties to rent them out seems to be one of the most common ways of earning extra income. Read more...

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Steps to Purchase Auctioned Properties

Auctioned properties are becoming the choice for many due to its affordable price tag. So, if you're keen to acquire such properties, what are the necessary steps you would have to follow? Read more...

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The Optimistic Property Trend in Malaysia

The property market in Malaysia has been the talk of the town for quite some time, as the weak sentiment towards the property market has created a state of wait and see approach among buyers. Read more...

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Most Rented Locations in KL and Klang Valley Q2 2016

It is a norm these days that most residents prefer renting a home instead of purchasing one themselves. Find out which are the top 5 rented locations in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley for Q2 2016.

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A Simple Guide to Waste Segregation

Waste management is a major issue in Malaysia. PropertyGuru has addressed the concerns with a comprehensive article and a simple infographic that walks readers through the process step-by-step.

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Top Rented Condos in Malaysia

What are the top rented condos in Malaysia? Find out here!

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Most rented locations in Klang Valley

Buying a property is a good idea. Yet with the current sluggish market, many are finding it convenient to rent instead of purchasing a property due to issues pertaining affordability and finance.

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