My Home, My Story: A computer game started it all, says Kit Wei Lee

From a bad start to owning over 10 properties. Read how property investment changed Kit Wei Lee's life and helped her achieve financial freedom.

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The Most Comprehensive Transit Hub with Access to HSR

Stesen Sentral is located at Kuala Lumpur Sentral CBD, which is purpose-built to offer unrivalled accessibility and connectivity. Read more..

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Food lovers must try this banana leaf rice!

Brickfields is a foodie haven to tantalise your taste buds. These three little words “banana leaf rice” are enough to make stomachs growl, what more sitting down to this substantial, satisfying, “finger lickin’ good” meal.

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Most Expensive Asian Cities to Live In

The annual Cost of Living Survey by investment consultancy firm Mercer has been announced, and in Asia at least, there are no surprises. Read more for the list of most expensive Asian cities to live in.

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My Home, My Story: Determination kept me going, says Raphael Wong

From a humble beginning to owning 6 properties at the age of 27. Read Raphael Wong's property journey and how he survived..

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Sydney-based real estate boss a millionaire at the age 29

Being the co-founder and director of Regency Real Estate, Harj Uppal is already a multi-millionaire at the age of 29, an achievement that can be attributed to a combination of work ethic and an aptitude for business.

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My Home, My Story: I started young, says Anders Ong

Anders Ong is a university graduate with a big vision in mind and a big mission in heart. He started his property investment journey in 2014 and today he owns two properties which yield a good return.

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PropertyGuru's AskGuru Live!

AskGuru Live! allows us to ask property-related questions and have a conversation with the PropertyGuru's Guru-of-the-Month. Our first Guru-of-the-Month was Gary Chua, a property financing expert.

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My Home, My Story: Two luxurious properties at the age 30, says Elson Tan

Meet Elson Tan, a charming young gentleman with a special knack for properties. Today, he managed to secure two luxurious properties at the youthful age of 30, mainly through years of thrifty spending and disciplined savings.

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My Home, My Story: I bought my first property at 23, says Gerard Chong

For most of us, buying a property in our early 20s is akin to riding a flying unicorn with rainbow stripes. Not for Gerard Chong- he managed to do it at just a tender age of 23.

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This is My Home - Keramat

Keramat is in the middle of this metropolitan city but somehow it personifies a rather ‘kampung’ ambiance.

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Exclusive interview with Andaman Group managing director Dato’ Sri Dr Vincent Tiew

Dato’ Vincent is a highly successful award winning entrepreneur, who is also the managing director of Andaman Group. Under his helm, the company has achieved RM2 billion gross value and won many awards.

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Exclusive interview with KSK Group chief executive officer Ms Joanne Kua

The KSK Group chief executive officer and executive director Joanne Kua was interviewed on her general views, as well as insights on 8 Conlay, the upcoming iconic development in Kuala Lumpur.

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