Perak is the second largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, after Pahang. Its neighbours include Kedah and the Thai Yala Province to the north; Penang to the northwest; Kelantan and Pahang to the east; Selangor to the south, and the Straits of Malacca to the west. The state’s capital is Ipoh and royal capital is Kuala Kangsar.

In the early 1900s, Perak was famous for its tin-mining industry, notably in Lembah Kinta. However, the tin mines have since been exhausted and other industries such as tourism, manufacturing and agriculture have become major income contributors to the state. Some of the popular tourist sites in this state include Kellie’s Castle, Pangkor Island and several waterfalls and jungle trekking spots.

The property profile in Perak is diverse. Common commercial properties found mostly in towns include office blocks, shop-office units, shopping complexes and industrial lots. Residential properties in this state are terraced houses, semi-detached houses, bungalows, flat, apartments and condominiums.

Residents of Perak experience warm and sunny weather with occasional rain, which is typical of the tropical climate, throughout the year. Temperatures do not fluctuated greatly. It can go as low as mid-20 ˚C at night to mid-30˚C during the day. Heavy rainfall can be expected during the months of October to April.

More than half of Perak’s population is Malay. Other major ethnic groups are Chinese and Indian. Rebana Perak, a hand-held drum, is a famous traditional musical instrument of Perak. Cultural dances include tarian dabus, tarian bubu and belotah. Ipoh is known for its sar hor fun and Hainanese chicken rice. Tambun’s pomelos are also famous throughout the country. Lemang is a popular local Malay delicacy made from glutinous rice cooked in a bamboo tube. Another popular Malay dish is tempoyak, a durian extract which is preserved and kept in an urn.

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Latest Properties for Sale in Perak

Bungalow Land in Meru Heights

Bungalow Land ...

Jalan Bukit Meru 14, Ipoh, Perak

RM 295,000

Lapangan Perdana

Lapangan Perdana

Ipoh, Perak

RM 280,000

Bercham single storey bungalow

Bercham single ...

pesara bercham timur 8 kg bercham 2, Bercham, ...

RM 280,000

Pengkalan Bidari single storey terrace

Pengkalan Bidari ...

34 hala pegoh 37 medan pengkalan bidari, Ipoh, ...

RM 130,000

9/9/2014 LELONG Bandar Baru Tambun IPOH

9/9/2014 LELONG Bandar ...

No.11 Hala Bandar Baru Tambun 14 Bandar ...

RM 170,000

9/9/2014 LELONG Tmn Pelangi KUALA KURAU

9/9/2014 LELONG Tmn ...

No,54 Jln Pelangi, Tmn Pelangi, Kuala ...

RM 150,000

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Latest Properties for Rent in Perak

Regency Terrace, Ipoh Town, Greentown, Jalan Raja

Regency Terrace, ...

Jalan Raja DiHilir, Ipoh, Perak

1200 sqft

RM 1,300 / month

17,Jalan Bunga Kala Taman Pinji Ipoh

17,Jalan Bunga ...

17 Jalan Bunga Kala Taman Pinji Ipoh, ...

RM 430 / month

12 Lal Kledang Timur 6 Bdr Baru Menglembu

12 Lal Kledang ...

12 Lal Kledang Timur 6 Bdr Baru Menglembu, ...

RM 380 / month

Lingkaran Meru Valley

Lingkaran Meru ...

Lingkaran Meru Valley, Ipoh, Perak

914 sqft

RM 1,600 / month

25 Laluan Lapangan Siber 7 Bandar Cyber

25 Laluan Lapangan ...

25 Laluan Lapangan Siber 7 Bandar Cyber, Ipoh, ...

RM 800 / month

36 Lapangan Perdana 32

36 Lapangan Perdana 32

36 Lapangan Perdana 32, Ipoh, Perak

RM 900 / month

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Fast Fact

Capital : Ipoh

Royal capital : Kuala Kangsar

Sultan : Sultan Azlan Shah

Menteri Besar : Zambry Abdul Kadir (UMNO)

Total Area : 21,035 km2 (8,122 sq mi)

Total Population (2010) : 2,258,268

Density : 110/km2 (280/sq mi)

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