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Kampar is a town in the state of Perak. Founded in 1887, the town lies within the Kinta Valley and located in the newly-created Kampar District, an area rich with tin reserves. It was a tin mining town which boomed during the height of the tin mining industry. There were many tin mines on the outskirts of Kampar during the height of the mining boom. Most of them were established in the late 19th century, flourished in the 1900s, only to stagnate and decline after World War I, with the exception of an exhilarating boom in the 1920s. Most have closed down following the collapse of the industry. Kampar is well known for its freshwater fishing spots as most of the its surrounding covered by old man made lakes using centuries old abandoned tin mines. There is not just local supermarkets available here in Kampar but there is also a Tesco Hypermarket is being built. Schools and other education facilities are also available in many parts of Kampar.  Kampar express buses which fans out to other locations other than in around Perak is located in the town area. Whereas for Kampar local town bus stops which covers within most Perak towns and other areas within the vicinity is located within walking distance of less than 100 meters from the express bus stop. College buses are also available for pickup service for their students around the vicinity. Besides buses, taxis are also available around the local town bus stop. The Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) has introduced a shuttle train between Ipoh and KL Sentral.  


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taman sejahtera utama, 31950 mambang diawan, kampa

taman sejahtera ...

Kampar, Perak

1400 sqft

RM 22,000

Kampar West City SOHO

Kampar West ...

Jalan Kampar Barat 3 Taman Kampar Barat, ...

377 sqft

RM 95,000

Kampar Perdana Apartment

Kampar Perdana ...

Jalan Perdana Taman Kampar Perdana, Kampar, ...

850 sqft

RM 90,000

Kampar Perdana - Kampar

Kampar Perdana ...

Jalan Perdana, Kampar, Perak

RM 245,000

Kampar Perdana- ...

Jalan Perdana, Kampar, Perak

1400 sqft

RM 225,000




1400 sqft

RM 305,000

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Kampar West City fully furnished studio

Kampar West ...

Pusat Perdagangan Jalan Kampar Barat 1 Taman ...

377 sqft

RM 600 / month

Kampus West City, Kampar

Kampus West ...

Kampar, Kampar, Perak

320 sqft

RM 300 / month

Taman Kampar ...

Jalan Perdana 1 Taman Perdana Kampar, Kampar, ...

2000 sqft

RM 700 / month

Taman Kolej ...

Jalan Jaya 5 Tama Kolej Perdana,, Kampar, ...

900 sqft

RM 500 / month

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