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Prai otherwise known as Seberang Perai or by its colonial name, Province Wellesley (after Richard Wellesley), is one of the two main parts of the entire Penang State. It is considered its mainland area as the other, Penang Island, is as its named, located off shore. Prai encompasses many of Penang’s most notable townships namely transportation hub Butterworth and Bukit Mertajam. Two cities that more or less has so much to offer, they literally provides for most of their surrounding areas.   

From being an agricultural heartland, it has now risen to be one of Malaysia’s most sought after sub states for residential options. One asset is that it is not as crowded as Penang Island, being bigger yet housing a similar population number and yet has all the amenities the modern resident would want and need. It has famous malls like the AEON Seberang Prai City and the Sunway Carnival Mall, famous attractions like the Penang Bird Park and the BM Recreational Forest. This makes also it a favourite among tourists although one might be led to think otherwise as Penang Island holds top place in that area.

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Latest Properties for Sale in Prai

Taman Nagasari,Prai

Taman Nagasari,...

lorong nagasari, Prai, Penang

893 sqft

RM 350,000

Taman Inderwasih

Taman Inderwasih

Jalan Kikik Taman Inderawasih, Prai, Penang

1920 sqft

RM 580,000

Taman Mega , Jalan Baru , Perai

Taman Mega , ...

jalan baru, Prai, Penang

2394 sqft

RM 970,000

Pinang Laguna Water Park Condominium

Pinang Laguna ...

Prai, Penang

1010 sqft

RM 320,000

Taman Chai ...

Lintang Kurau 1, Prai, Penang

3100 sqft

RM 1,800,000

Taman Chai Leng

Taman Chai ...

Jalan Kurau, Prai, Penang

2000 sqft

RM 600,000

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Latest Properties for Rent in Prai

Prai Inai Condominium, Prai

Prai Inai ...

Prai, Penang

857 sqft

RM 900 / month

Taman Inderawasih,Prai

Taman Inderawasih,...

lorong kikik, Prai, Penang

1560 sqft

RM 1,200 / month

Taman Kimsar,Jalan Chain Ferry,Prai

Taman Kimsar,...

jalan chain ferry, Prai, Penang

2200 sqft

RM 1,600 / month



Tingkat Kikik 6, Prai, Penang

2000 sqft

RM 1,200 / month


Halaman Kikik, Prai, Penang

2000 sqft

RM 1,800 / month

Penang Laguna Condominium

Penang Laguna ...

Jalan Baru, Prai, Penang

1010 sqft

RM 1,000 / month

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