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Pagoh is a township located in Johor and specifically, in its district of Muar. The area is relatively modest in terms of ultra urban infrastructure and industrial prowess but it does hold a few sites that attract the tourist eye as well as serve its residents in more ways than one. The places include its mosque, Masjid Kampung Raja or Kuala Dulang. Whilst catering to Pagoh’s Muslims, the mosque also serves as one of the town’s historical monuments. It has a rich history of it being built by Islamic missionaries (one of them named Raja) early in the 1500s and has a story about the tray of food that never ran out.

Hence the name, as Dulang translates to tray. The history quest continues with the tomb of the Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah. He was ruler of the Sultanate of Malacca, literally meaning the whole of Malaysia and part of Indonesia during classical times. Others include agricultural sites like the Damai Orchard and the Nasuha Spice Garden. Coming back to our times, it is also the site for the Malaysian National Service Camp, Nasuha. The area offers primary and secondary school education and is accessible via the North South Expressway

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taman sungai abong, 84000 muar, , 2 storey detache

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Muar, Johor

3275 sqft

RM 200,000

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taman pertama indah, sungai abong, Muar, ...

1540 sqft

RM 360,000

6/10/2014 LELONG Tmn Sg Abong MUAR

6/10/2014 LELONG Tmn ...

No.4 Jln Jelawat 4A, Tmn Sg ...

RM 280,000



No.4 Jalan Jerawat 4A Taman Sungai ...

RM 280,000

Jalan Kesang, Muar

Jalan Kesang, ...

Jalan Kesang Muar, Muar, Johor

1540 sqft

RM 300,000

Jalan Salleh, Muar

Jalan Salleh, ...

jalah salleh, muar, Muar, Johor

12000 sqft

RM 1,700,000

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