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Lokasi Annie Beroperasi

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Lokasi Annie Beroperasi

Tentang Annie

JANN Properties was founded by Annie Leong in 2008 with great aspiration of becoming the trusted and favorable agency among the individual or corporate property owners as well as the industry players.
Annie Leong was formerly working in Bandar Raya Developments Bhd (BRDB) as Assistant Manager, Sales and Marketing before she is registered with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia. Jann Properties is created with the vision in making everyone’s realty dreams a reality. Is a journey where our dedicated, experienced and personalized negotiators wanted to be with you from your initial realty thoughts of buying, selling, renting or letting out to actually finding your ideal home to stay, rent, as an investment or selling and letting out at your desired criteria and price. Many of our clients who choose to begin their journey with us end up as our repeated clients as they are truly satisfied with our presence of knowledge, skills and professionalism. At Jann, we are supported by a group of highly motivated and dedicated team of real estate professionals with accumulated years of experience in Real Estate Investment, Project Marketing, Tenancy Management Services, Finance and Customer Service. We strive to deliver personalized estate agency services of leasing, selling, marketing and managing individual and corporate properties of residential and commercial by fulfilling psychological and financial needs among willing buyers and sellers as well as tenants and landlords in a shifting market. At Jann, we strongly uphold the importance of extending committed efforts and providing resourceful and reliable market findings to our individual and corporate clients and expatriate tenants at a reasonable speed and within budget. We strongly believe that making our client’s realty dreams a reality are the reason we are in the business.

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