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When renting there are several costs that are borne by the tenant. In Malaysia, the tenant pays for the stamp duty fees - not the landlord/seller. Two other fees you should take into account when drafting your tenancy agreement are the administration fees and legal fees.

The administration fees are a one-time charge based on the monthly rental amount. Once again, this fee is paid by the tenant to the seller.

Take a look at the list of rates we’ve compiled for both, alongside the step-by-step calculations: https://www.propertyguru.com.my/property-guides/stamp-duty-and-administration-fee-for-tenancy-agreement-28223

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yes, tenancy agreement is bear by tenant. Not by owner. Read More


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Yes, it is common practice that the stamp fees for the Tenancy Agreement is paid by the Tenant. For a RM1,700 per month tenancy of 1 year the stamp fee is RM72; for 2 & 3 years tenancy it is RM72 x 2 = RM144. Extra copy is RM10 per copy. Any administrative charges is up to the policy of the individual agency.
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