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Priscillia Ku

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Tentang Priscillia

Prior to her real estate career, Priscillia was a Cabin Crew with Air asia for 10 years.
She loves to serve client which leads to real estate industry. Priscillia started in real estate 4 years back and have enjoyed the fruits of capital appreciation that have pique a lot of interest from people around her. In her first 2 years, Priscillia mainly focused on subsale properties and rentals to expatriates in Desa Park City. Priscillia have served numerous high networth clients, including MNC Expats from Japan, Korea and France. She then started to serve investors from China, and Hong Kong who were looking to invest in quality properties in Desa Park City. Priscillia now have a team of 20 people in Desa Park City whom are specialist here and from Cornerstone Ignite Group. Priscillia believes in delivering real value to clients, focus on their needs; not just the immediate sales. Over the last 4 years, she had sealed more than RM100 million GDV of real estate deals and served more tha

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Priscillia Ku
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