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Lokasi Vincent Beroperasi

Tentang Vincent

I am Vincent Heng, a Team leader and a registered REN in Hartamas Real Estate.
I joined real estate business in the year 2008 upon my graduation from MMU (Multimedia University). With 12 years of experience, I am specialised in Tropicana and Kota Damansara township. I’ve helped my clients to buy or sell in a timely manner with minimum inconveniences. My firm believes that the primary goal of asset disposal is to convert the asset to cash at the earliest possible time. “Real estate is one of the careers that gives the flexibility on time job which is the probability to fast track your earnings and make millions in the early stages. Real estate professionals don’t earn a salary - which can sometimes work out to their advantage because if you know how to earn money in real estate you can earn a lot of it as there is no limit”. You’ve just got to learn a few things about it to get started and the possibilities are endless.

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