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Lokasi Wei Beroperasi

Tentang Wei

Hi, I am Wei Young.
I have a deep passion for real estate & have also been an investor myself over the years. "I am looking to sell, how can I really make sure that I am getting a good deal?", "What makes here a good place to stay?", "What are the unique features of this unit?". These are some of the questions you probably have. From my years of experience in real estate related business and as an investor myself, I am willing to transparently share my humble knowledge & area insights and we can work together to identify the best options to proceed with. Give me a call at 012-2160977  and let's get started! My main areas of focus are Mont Kiara, Bangsar and Damansara Heights. I love the real estate here and I am convinced that you will love it too, it is a great place to make a home. Apart from that, I am also involved in the sourcing of office spaces for corporates and companies around KL & Selangor. Do allow me to assist you.

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