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RM 380,000 RM 900,000
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RM 1,200 RM 2,400
Hijauan Saujana
Subang (Saujana Resort), Seksyen U2, Shah Alam, 40150, Selangor


Nama Projek

Hijauan Saujana

Jenis Projek



Esquire Corner Sdn Bhd

Hak Milik

Pegangan Bebas


RM 431 - RM 722

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# Tingkat


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Hijauan Saujana is a condominium that located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. This apartment block was designed and built by Esquire Corner Sdn Bhd. Esquire Corner is a popular company well known for its experience in developing apartments for both residential, business and industrial purposes. It is also known for its record in treating all its clients well. The development company has also designed and developed Marplewoods in Saujana and Taman Pulai Emas. This condominium is composed of 3 blocks each consisting of 10 to 12 units.

There are quite a number of unique features in Hijauan Saujana that contribute in making it a calm and luxurious residential region. There is a landscape garden on top of each block. On these gardens, the residents get different views of the sun at different times especially during sunrise and sunset. It also enables the residents to have a better view of the green and beautiful surrounding. Another unique feature is that each unit in serviced by a private lift that carries the residents from the lobby to their doorsteps. Moreover, the condominium is easily accessible from the surrounding town centers and offers several amenities within a radius of 5km. It a convenient residence for all.

Hijauan Saujana is served by a dense network of transportation links that make it efficiently accessible from the nearby towns and other regions too. It is linked to highways such as NKVE, LDP and Federal highway. There is a lot of traffic on these highways during the peak hours but during the normal time residents can travel within a very short time. In addition, there is a tunnel that is designed to make it easy for residents to enter and exit the apartment.

While in Hijauan Saujana, the residents can access health institutions such as hospitals and clinics with ease. Getting medical attention within the shortest time possible when necessary is key to living a healthy lifestyle. The residence is also surrounded by a green and calm environment that forms a garden in which residents can relax and take walks whenever they need time to meditate. This contributes a lot in psychological well being of the residents especially the aged.

The water bodies nearby form beautiful sceneries that offers the residents a feel of nature thereby forming great restful spaces. Hijauan Saujana also offers a resting place that is a landscape garden above each block where residents can relax while enjoying various views of the sun especially sunrises and sunsets. The many available entertainment facilities such as cinemas and golf courses also get the residents entertained and relaxed. There are also facilities made for keeping the kids relaxed, entertained, united, and healthy such as the children’s playground. There are also an 80 meter swimming pool where the residents can take a leisurely swim. There are cafeterias too and kiosks within the rooftops where they can relax.

There are a variety of institutions that contribute to the social wellbeing of residents in Hijauan Saujana Residential center. There institutions include: Academic institutions such as Taylor’s university, Sunway University, Int international university and Segi University College. Business centres such as Citta mall, Empire shopping Gallery and Hyper supermarket Shah Alam. Other amenities include, Semi Darby medical center Ara Damansara, Ara damansara Tesco, upcoming LRT stations, Glenmary Golf and country club, Kelab Golf Negara Subang, Saujana Golf and country club, Saujana hotels and resorts.

Another great thing about Hijauan Saujana is its developer, Esquire Corner. This organization is made of directors and people who are well equipped with information on real estate trade. The organization is well known for its 30 years’ experience in developing projects. It was founded in 2004 and since then it has developed more than 25000 units for both residential and industrial purposes. The major reason as to why the Esquire Corner came up with the Hijauan Saujana was to develop a residential condominium which is efficiently accessible from many different places. A residential region in which one can experience a vacation mood as well as carry out with normal daily operations. There are other projects that are related to Hijauan Saujana and have been developed by Esquire Corner. They include: Johor, Negeri Sembilan and Sabah.

If you are looking for a place to settle with your family, alone, before or after retiring, then this is the best option for you. You will get access to academic institutions that offer high quality education for your kids ranging from primary schools, high schools to colleges and universities. Hijauan Saujana is also a conducive residential place if you are looking for a place to settle so that you can have fun while still carrying on with your daily schedules since there are many entertainment and recreational facilities. Moreover, if you are looking for a place to settle with your family and carry on with your business operation, this residential condominium is also a great option for you. This is because it is surrounded by many mature urban centers where you can operate your businesses successfully. Looking for a place to settle and enjoy the fruits of your labor after retirement? This residence is also recommended for you. This is due to the presence of resting places such as landscape gardens on top of the blocks, cafeterias and golf courses for the aged men mostly. This would contribute a high percentage towards your psychological well being.

Around the area of Shah Alam, there are many projects worth to check like Prima U1, Vista Alam Serviced Apartment, Alam Idaman, Puri Aiyu, and Menara U.
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Fasiliti & Kemudahan


  • Kawasan barbeque
  • Tempat letak kereta berbumbung
  • Rumah Kelab
  • Bilik permainan
  • Bilik gimnasium
  • Trek joging
  • Mesin cuci
  • Dewan serbaguna
  • Taman permainan
  • Sauna
  • Keselamatan 24 jam
  • Kolam renang
  • Gelanggang tenis
  • Kolam mengembara

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Hijauan Saujana14200
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