Julat Harga Jualan
RM 350,000 RM 510,000
julat harga sewa
RM 1,299 RM 2,000
Kelana Puteri
Jalan SS 7/26, Kelana Jaya, 47301, Selangor


Nama Projek

Kelana Puteri

Jenis Projek




Hak Milik

Pegangan Pajakan


RM 325 - RM 408

Tahun Siap


# Tingkat


Jumlah Unit



Kelana Puteri

Kelana Puteri is a leasehold development. It is situated in the Jalan SS 7/26, Kelana Jaya, Selangor. Kelana Puteri is an old development but offers the outstanding living experience to the residents. Kelana Jaya is a growing residential area with a great future. Investors think of it as an area that has a high potential of giving them a good return on the investment. Selangor is one of the oldest city of the country and provides a significant cultural and infrastructural view to its residents. It presents different artifacts of the past and attracts visitors not only from inside the country but also from the outside of the country.

Kelana Puteri - Unique Selling Points

The development company of the Kelana Puteri tried to make the lives of the residents as enjoyable as they can. It is an ideal development for a medium or a small family. The development company provided the residents with a lounge facility to sit and chat with their friends or other residents of the Kelana Puteri. A nursery can also be seen in the Kelana Puteri. Residents can breathe in a fresh environment and enjoy the greenery in the Kelana Puteri. Residents of the Kelana Puteri can also enjoy a sauna, a spa and a mini mart facility in the development. For children, the development company has constructed a children’s playground. The residents can live comfortably with any issue in the Kelana Puteri. Everything they want can be easily found in the Kelana Puteri. Residents can maintain a healthy lifestyle in the Kelana Puteri because they also have the access to the facilities like jogging track, a badminton court, a basketball court, tennis courts, squash court, a swimming pool, and a gymnasium. They can enjoy sports activities and live healthily. Parking and security facility is also provided to the residents. The residents are allocated a proper parking space in the Kelana Puteri and security is available 24 hours for the protection of the residents.

Kelana Puteri – Accessibility

It is very convenient for the residents of the Kelana Puteri to travel from the condominium or come back to it. They can use the Federal Highway and the SPRINT Highway to avoid heavy city traffic and reach their destination quickly. Accessibility of the Kelana Puteri is not an issue for the residents or people coming to meet the residents of the Kelana Puteri. Those who like to sit in the back seat can enjoy the public transportation facility to move around anywhere in the city. Transportation facility is available all time in the area. If it is a late-night trip, the residents can use the private transportation such as Grab or Mula to go to anywhere. Day time they can use buses, LRT or taxis to reach their destination in the minimum budget.

Kelana Puteri - Amenities & Attractions

Schools and Education Center near Kelana Puteri:

SMK Kelana Jaya and University Tun Abdul Razak can be found near the Kelana Puteri. Not only school education is present near the Kelana Puteri, but the children of the residents can also get higher education in the nearby area.

Shopping Malls and Shops near Kelana Puteri:

Moreover, the residents can go to Parisine, ARI Salam Enterprise, and Paradigm Mall if they feel like shopping for anything.

Medical Centres/Clinics near Kelana Puteri :

Hospitals can also be found nearby the Kelana Puteri.

Other Places near Kelana Puteri :

Other great amenities like food points like (KFC and Kopitan), workshops, banks and mosques could also be easily found in the nearby area of the Kelana Puteri.

Kelana Puteri - Project information

Kelana Puteri has 6 blocks with an outstanding unit layout. The covered area of the units in the Kelana Puteri is 1055 sq ft. The prices of the Kelana Puteri units are rising. They have risen to RM 380,000 and RM 580,000. Some of the owners are also earning a good income by renting out the units. They are earning a monthly income in between of RM 1350 and RM 2200. Every residents of the Kelana Puteri is satisfied with the maintenance and the living experience in the Kelana Puteri.

Kelana Puteri - Nearby Projects

The following developments are in the same neighbourhood as Kelana Puteri:
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Fasiliti & Kemudahan


  • Dewan badminton
  • Gelanggang bola keranjang
  • Kawasan barbeque
  • Tempat letak kereta berbumbung
  • Bilik gimnasium
  • Trek joging
  • Tempat Bersantai
  • Mini-Mart
  • Taska/Tadika
  • Taman permainan
  • Recreation Lake
  • Salun
  • Sauna
  • Keselamatan 24 jam
  • Kolam spa
  • Gelanggang skuasy
  • Kolam renang
  • Gelanggang tenis

Perincian Bangunan

Bangunan # Tingkat # Units
Building 1@Kelana Jaya, SelangorN/AN/A
Building 2@Kelana Jaya, SelangorN/AN/A
Building 5@Kelana Jaya, SelangorN/AN/A
Building 6@Kelana Jaya, SelangorN/AN/A
Building 3@Kelana Jaya, SelangorN/AN/A
Building 4@Kelana Jaya, SelangorN/AN/A
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