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RM 183,888 RM 293,121
Residensi Gambang
25150, Pahang


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Residensi Gambang

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Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia

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RM 184 - RM 255

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Residensi Gambang

Residensi Gambang is a freehold terraced house development that located at Pahang, Kuantan. This is a new township that highlights the greenery of natures landscapes that have a great landscape & community living environment.This project was developed by Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia was established under the PR1MA Act 2012 which is to plan, develop, construct and maintain high-quality housing with lifestyle concepts for middle-income households in key urban centres. PR1MA homes come in various types and sizes within an integrated community; sensibly designed to suit different household needs. Priced between RM100,000 to RM400,000, you can now own a home that is well within your reach. Earmarked for development in key strategic urban areas nationwide, PR1MA is open to all Malaysians with a monthly household income between RM2,500 to RM15,000.

Residensi Gambang Concept

Residensi Gambang is a development that feature modern lifestyles concept in a rapidly developing environment. This is the great choice for the residents can have a dream living place with the comfortable and well equipped home. It offers a moderm and fully furnished hosues with many amenities such as multipurpose hall, children playground, nursery, kindergarden and surau. This is also come with the gated & guarded community home and offers a perfect environment for family friendly leisure activities that surrounded by attractive and beautiful natural landscapes. This residential are offer by Perbadanan pr1ma Malaysia to the affordable lifestyle homes for the middle income Malaysians in key urban centers. PR1MA Corporation Malaysia (PR1MA) was established under the PR1MA Act 2012 to plan, develop, construct and maintain affordable lifestyle housing for middle-income households. Middle-income is defined as a monthly household (husband and wife) income of between RM2,500 RM15,000. The Prime Minister is fully aware of the financial pressures faced by the urban, middle-income population due to Malaysia’s rapid urbanisation. His vision is to rebalance assistance to the rakyat in both rural as well as urban areas. PR1MA is one of various initiatives implemented to help the rakyat manage costs of living in urban areas. PR1MA will be the first that exclusively targets this middle segment with homes ranging from RM100,000 to RM400,000 in a sustainable community.

Residensi Gambang Accessibility And Amenities

This project are located in a strategic location and close to many amenities that facilitate daily activities such as school, university, hospital, police station, convenient stores, tourist center and recreational area. The residents have easy access to the social and economic infrastructure and also easy to get to the convenient store, Pasaraya Terus Maju Batu 6 and also TMG Mart. Besides that, there also available with education institution such as Pusat Pendidikan dan Institusi Pengajian Tinggi (IPT), SMK Seri Mahkota, Sekolah Sukan Malaysia Pahang, Kolej Matrikulasi Pahang, Universiti Malaysia Pahang and Univerisiti Antarabangsa Islam Pahang. For recreational area and tourist center are such as Bukit Gambang Safari Park, Bukit Gambang Resort city and Air terjun Sungai Pandan. The residents can easy access via jalan Gambang Kuantan, LPT Highways in just 0.5km, Univesity Malaysia Pahang in 2km, Bandar Gambang in 3.5km, Tol Gambang in 4km, Bukit Gamang resort city in 11km, Gambang waterpark in 12km, Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport in 17km, Kuantan hospital in 29km and also Kuantan citycenter in 16km. The residents also can easily to get the public transport such as bus and taxi around.

Residensi Gambang Project Details

The Residensi Gambang are covered by 107.47acres land with total 1172 units of terrace house in the area. There are come with various types of layout which is Single Storey Terrace Type A1 (Intermediate) with 1,000 sqft, Single Storey Terrace Type A1i (Intermediate) with 1,000 sqft, Single Storey Terrace Type A2 (End) with 1,000 sqft, Single Storey Terrace Type A3 (Corner) with 1,000 sqft, Double Storey Terrace Type B1i(Intermediate) with 1,600 sqft, Double Storey Terrace Type B1(Intermediate) with 1,600 sqft, Double Storey Terrace Type B2 (End) with 1,600 sqft, Double Storey Terrace Type B3 (Corner) with 1,600 sqft, Double Storey Terrace Type C1 (Intermediate) with 1,800 sqft, Double Storey Terrace Type C1i (Intermediate) with 1,800 sqft, Double Storey Terrace Type C2 (End) with 1,800 sqft and Double Storey Terrace Type C3 (Corner)with 1,800 sqft.

Facilities features in this residential are children playground, multipurpose hall, nursery, kindergarten and surau (female & male). There are come with the gated and guarded community with security control for the residents who lives there therefore the residents don’t have to worry about the safety of the area.

Residensi Gambang Launching Details

Projects around the area that might be worth checking out include Indera Mahkota 15, Indera Mahkota 16, Indera Mahkota 2, Indera Mahkota 5, Kuantan Tembeling Resort Condominium and Medan Warisan.
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  • Taman Permainan Kanak-kanak
  • Dewan serbaguna
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  • Taman permainan
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