Julat Harga Jualan
RM 1,150,000 RM 2,400,000
Taman Residensi
Jalan Residen, 68100, Kuala Lumpur


Nama Projek

Taman Residensi

Jenis Projek

Rumah Teres


KIP Group

Hak Milik

Pegangan Pajakan


RM 350 - RM 653

Tahun Siap


# Tingkat


Jumlah Unit



Taman Residensi

Taman Residensi is a leasehold 3 storey terraced housing development. The housing development is located at Jalan Residen in KL City, Kuala Lumpur. Taman Residensi is a project that was completed in 2008 with a total of 170 units available for sale or rent. The project was developed by KIP Group.

Taman Residensi Concept

Taman Residensi is simple and cozy neighborhood. The housing units are large and spacious and are aimed to give residents a home that is comfortable to live in. Residents of Taman Residensi can enjoy the luxury of living in here. The houses are fitted with large glass window that allows an ample amount of sunlight to come in and it gives the spaces in the house the illusion of being spacious. The units will be built with a modern touch to it that enhances the interior of the homes. Residents can enjoy the facilities that are available for those living in Taman Residensi. The housing development is also surrounded by a vast variety of amenities that residents can easily access while living in Taman Residensi.

Taman Residensi Accessibility and Amenities

Taman Residensi is located not far from KL City centre. Residents can get there in 20 to 25 minutes via Jalan Temoh. Residents are advised to own personal vehicles as this would help ease their movements around town. However, there are bus services that residents can make use of and the bus stops are located at Menara KIP, Tesco and Sri Utara.

Taman Residensi is located in a place where there residents can easily find a variety of amenities to make use of. The closest schools to Taman Residensi are SJK (C) Kheow Bin Batu Caves, Tadika Dunia Kreatif and Misali Academic Centre. The closest supermarkets to Taman Residensi residence where residents can get their daily necessities from are Segi Fresh Mart, Pasar Raya Well Mart KP1 and 99 Speed Mart Cool Hotel. There are clinics or pharmacies that are close to Taman Residensi residence that residents can go to in case of emergency. Among the clinics close to Taman Residensi residence are Klinik Sentul, Klinik SNH and Klinik Shafi. There are restaurants close to Taman Residensi residence that residents may be interested in being a patron of. There are a variety of foods that residents can enjoy from the restaurants. Among the restaurants that are close are Restoran Aslam Maju, Exito Café and Restoran Pan Heong.

Taman Residensi Facilities and Project Details

Taman Residensi residence is a triple housing project with a variety of facilities for the usage of its residence. Residents can use the children’s playground, landscaped garden, jogging track, nursery and playground. The houses are also equipped with car parks that residents can easily park their vehicles at.

Residents that are looking to purchase a unit in Taman Residensi can enjoy the luxury of browsing through the variety unit types available. Residents can easily choose the ones that they like to purchase. The houses are large and suitable for those looking to expand their living space. The size of the units ranges between 1,920 square feet to 6,240 square feet. Residents who are single or a couple would also enjoy a big home like this as they would have more rooms to work with and expand their creativity. The houses are made up of 5 and 6 bedroom units.

Taman Residensi Launching Details

Taman Residensi is a simple housing development with a variety of sizes of homes. As such there are a variety of prices as well for the houses in Taman Residensi. Residents can check out the units and decide on the ones that catches their fancy. The sale price for the units ranges between RM 1,100,000 to EM 2,200,000. There are a variety of projects in the surrounding area of Taman Residensi that residents may be interested in checking out as well.

Residents can take a look at other projects in the same vicinity of Taman Residensi as well. There are mixes of the type of projects available. Among the projects available are Axon Bukit Bintang, Aria Luxury Residence, KLCC, St Mary Residences, Banyan Tree @ Pavilion, Stonor 3 @ KLCC and Marc Residence.
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  • Car Park
  • Taman Permainan Kanak-kanak
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