Getting The Best WiFi Package For Your Home

Besides cockroaches, the last thing you want in your home is a slow internet connection. We all know how frustrating it is, so quit wasting your time staring at the loading icon on your phone, tablet or TV and find a good WiFi package for your home!

The internet has become the cornerstone to everything we do in our lives!

Just imagine for a moment, you’re out house hunting in an unfamiliar area – and suddenly the internet everywhere goes temporarily down.

What would take a 30-minute drive back, would inadvertently last 1 ½ hours (or more) – with all the directions-asking, getting lost, frustration, etc. And that is just one example.

Our lives are forever intertwined to this complex computer network – from everything, the way we work, study, play, interact and socialise, and even travel.

Therefore, it is no surprise that high-speed internet has become one of the most important features for homebuyers.

Up to 60% of Malaysian homebuyers have cited high-speed internet infrastructure and the Internet of Things (IoT) as important fixtures for their homes, according to the findings from our Malaysia Consumer Sentiment Study H2 2020.

Slow internet connection

Getting the most suitable internet plan for your home is important – it needs to fit your budget, usage, and location.

To help you decide, here’s a list of telecommunications (telco) providers that offer home broadband plans in Malaysia:


Comparison Of Home Broadband Plans In Malaysia

Broadband Speed/Service Provider






1 Gbps






800 Mbps






500 Mbps






300 Mbps






100 Mbps






50 Mbps






30 Mbps






Note: Prices as at 3 December 2020


Top Telco Providers In Malaysia (In Alphabetical Order)


Celcom offers unlimited high-speed internet with a free AX router. This will provide more speed, stability, and strength to your WiFi signal. They also provide free installation.


Malaysia’s largest internet network, Digi is a reliable telco that provides unlimited high-speed home broadband.


Maxis offers great coverage throughout Malaysia. You can bundle your broadband with an Astro subscription, and now, the latest devices with a 65’ Samsung 4K TV, Apple TV or mesh WiFi, when you sign up for any of these plans.


You would be able to enjoy high speeds without being locked into a contract with TIME. Their full-fibre network not only ensures higher speed and stability, but also seamless connectivity. However, TIME has limited coverage within certain areas.


Although they have a massive footprint in Malaysia, UniFi has received backlash for poor connectivity. Despite this, their overall internet connection is stable, fast, and reliable.

They currently offer an entertainment bundle with a home broadband plan, which include UniFi TV channels (FOX movies, LIVE sports, Korean, kids, local dramas, international TV shows etc.)


Things To Consider When Choosing An Internet Plan In Malaysia

Choosing an internet service provider and a suitable internet plan can be tricky. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your home broadband.

1) Coverage Area Availability

First and foremost, narrow down your options based on the availability of coverage within your location.

Not all the telcos mentioned above provide their service to all areas. TIME, for example, is only available in major areas in the Klang Valley.

So, do your research. There are many ways to find out which telco is available in your area - you can drop the telco a message, use the coverage checker on their website, or simply just check the available WiFi connections of your neighbours.

If a majority of your neighbours are with UniFi, for example, this narrows down the search for you. 


2) Speed

Depending on your usage (if you’re a light or heavy user) and the type of data you’ll be running, internet speed is everything.

If you work from home, are a gamer, or are a Netflix addict, you would be considered a heavy user.

The need for greater speed will also depend on the number of people who use it, electronic devices, and usage patterns of the home broadband.

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3) Bundling Cost

If you want to be smart about your money, look out for bundling options offered by the telcos. Some will bundle your broadband with other services; pay TV, Smart TV, mobile phones, and even landlines.

But before jumping on these deals, make sure these services meet your needs and are actually saving you money in the long run.

4) Reliability

One of the major irritants of the modern society is the unavailability of WiFi and unreliable connection – our life (literally) comes to a standstill!

Some telcos have a reputation of being steady and reliable, while others simply fail in comparison. Your location and type of building can be a major factor for this, so do your research. Life is too short for crappy internet.

5) Cost

This includes costs for your broadband, installation fee and early termination fee. Most broadband plans come with free installation cost and/or wireless router.

These plans can include a minimum subscription fee, and early termination fee. If you are confident of your length of subscription, it can save you a lot of money.

So, when it comes down to it, comparing plans and figuring out the best for you (that suits your needs) is key!

Making an informed decision can save you time, money and furious calls to customer service, which we’re sure you’d rather avoid.


One of the best things about the internet is that it can turn your house into a smart home that offers better security, comfort and convenience. Find out more about What Is A Smart Home And How Can You Turn Your Home Into One?

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