Here Are 6 Ideas For A Beautiful Home Renovation Without Breaking The Bank!

Thinking of renovating your home, but worried about the costs? Make sure you stay frugal and prioritise, resolve maintenance issues quickly, stick to you budget, create a buffer for emergencies, make time your friend, and get things done yourself!
Home renovation, renovate on a budget

Most homeowners purchase their property for shelter, while others buy property as an investment. Whichever category you fall under, here are some useful tips on how to beautify your precious home without forking out large sums of money.


1) Stay frugal and prioritise

Always start with the big picture in mind. For example, perhaps you intend to stay in an area like Sri Hartamas or even Mont Kiara, an affluent neighbourhood with many amenities just a short walk away.

But with that goal in mind, you’ll need to come to terms with the reality of your financial position with regards to renovations.

Instead of splurging immediately on a fancy sofa or a home entertainment system, prioritise your savings on the essentials first.

You can then indulge in more fancy fixtures and equipment later on when it’s more feasible.

Home renovation, renovate on a budget

For example, if there are no air-conditioners or water heaters in your new property, start shopping for affordable models and hire someone to help you install them, so as not to create problems which could be costly in the future.


2) Resolve maintenance issues quickly 

Are there water leaks in the bathroom and kitchen? Is the paint peeling? Is the built-in hob and hood in need of repair? All these important little details may have escaped your attention before, but they should be dealt with first.

Don’t let your emotions sway you into buying a fancy coffee table or that hi-tech exercise bike if they aren’t urgent.

More importantly, bear in mind that issues such as water leaks may involve units above or below you, and are best resolved quickly.

After you’ve dealt with such functional problems, you can proceed to tackle the cosmetic ones.

Home renovation, renovate on a budget


3) Stick to your budget

There is nothing wrong with staying on the side of being frugal. Always keep your budget in mind when it comes to implementing your home renovation ideas.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to hire and pay for an interior designer. If you’re willing to commit the time and effort, you can design and oversee the renovations yourself.

Whether it’s getting quotes or sourcing for suppliers, you can manage all aspects of the renovation if you already have a clear picture of what you want.


4) Create a buffer for your budget


Always have a Plan B. For example, if you decide to splurge on new marble tiles, know that this might eat into other parts of your budget.

Take a cue from professional planners, and set aside 10% of your budget as an emergency pocket of cash. 

Don't forget that certain contingencies could creep up the moment the drilling and plumbing starts!

Other common emergencies may include termite infestations, or faulty light switches and wiring. The small stuff adds up, and it’s better to be well-prepared.


5) Make time your friend

Don't rush into your home renovation ideas and the renovation process unprepared. Take your time to think it through, even if you have the money to start renovation immediately.

While you may feel compelled to jump into making purchases, always ask yourself if they’re feasible and within your budget.

If you happen to be passionate about interior design or restoring old homes, you always can treat this like a fun pet project.


6) Get things done yourself

Home renovation, renovate on a budget

Home renovation is great news for those who have decent DIY skills. This will be your chance to  spruce up your home yourself.

In fact, if you’re are willing to learn, there are tonnes of things to pick up from books, magazines, and the internet. 

Additionally, your patience and determination to take things one room at a time will see you improving your DIY skills over time.

You’ll also get to save money by reusing appliances and old materials, many of which are available online.

Do remember that some renovation works require a licence and some experience; for instance - knocking down walls, installing a new window, or rewiring power outlets.

Many professionals can help you reduce the cost of renovation to less than RM100,000, and you’d be able to find a couple of reliable ones easily enough on the internet.


Do note that your development’s JMB or MC should be notified about your house installations and renovations before you proceed (for those who've bought a condominium or apartment unit).


An enlightening journey to a comfortable home

It’s always good for homeowners to view house renovations as a fun and exciting personal project. While expenditure is inevitable, the outcome is usually a happy homeowner at the end of the day.

If you have the discipline and resolve to be flexible with what’s available, you can live in a comfortable and cosy home that won’t cost you an arm and a leg!


Once you're done planning and budgeting for your home renovations, you can use any leftover money to beautify the insides with plants! That's right, here are some popular indoor plants to suit your interior design style. You're welcome 😉

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