Should You Hire Professional House Movers, Or Take The Risk And DIY?

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Should You Hire Professional House Movers, Or Take The Risk And DIY?
When moving house, there are so many decisions to make – from deciding which neighbourhood to live in, what furniture to buy, or how you’re going to pack your glassware; the list is never-ending!
It’s no wonder why people get so overwhelmed before they even move, the thought itself can be too much. So, here comes the ultimate question – should I move on my own or hire professional help?
With that thought in mind, we’ve decided to make things easy for you and provide you with a few factors to consider when making these decisions.

1. Timeline

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First off, take your timeline into consideration. Are you in a hurry or do you have time to spare? This will factor in needing to hire a professional house mover or not.
If you want the progress of your move to be faster, it’s best to hire professionals to get the job done for you.
With professional house movers, they’ll be able to meet your deadline and move more efficiently.
However, if there’s no rush for you to move and you’ve got flexibility on your side, you could take it slow – packing and moving things according to the exact way you like it!

2. Relocation Distance

The distance of your move makes a difference. If the relocation distance is relatively short, it’s easier (and slightly cheaper) to move things in your own car from the old place to the new one.
However, if it’s further, driving back and forth doesn’t seem like the best idea.
The cost of fuel (and possibly the tolls) to drive for long trips would probably be equivalent to the amount you have to pay one-off for professional house movers.
So, if that’s the case – it would be a smarter, more cost-efficient option to hire professional house movers.

3. The Number Of Items

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Another factor to consider would be the number of items you’re planning on moving. The more things, the bigger the load.
So, you’d have to consider hiring professional house movers because they would have the manpower needed and the proper vehicle for a heavier/bigger move.
If you were to move a bigger load on your own, you’d have to make a few trips in your car and that would add up in costs later on.

4. Your Moving Budget

When it comes to the budget of your upcoming move, you would have to think about the amount you’re willing to spend.
So, with hiring professional house movers, that means a part of the budget would also have to go to hiring helping hands.
But if you weigh out your pros and cons, hiring professional house movers would be more cost-efficient.
With the help of experts, you wouldn’t have to go out of your way to buy boxes and packaging materials because they’d have it for you.

5. Unforeseen Damages

Don’t forget to take into account that throughout your house moving process, there’ll be the possibility of unforeseeable mishaps that might occur.
For example, dropping a heavy box of glassware because you tripped over a step or having to see a chiropractor after the move because you thought you could carry the sofa down 5 flights of stairs.
All of these could be avoided, when you hire professional house movers – they’ll have more experience and the skills to get the job done for you.

6. Energy And Stress Levels

When moving house, don’t forget about your own well-being! It’s normal to lose yourself in the midst of all the crazy running about but be sure to keep yourself healthy.
We know how stressful it can be throughout the house moving process and that’ll affect the efficiency of your move. When stress levels are high, energy levels will be low.
So, if you think you’d need help to lighten your burden, there’s no harm in hiring professional house movers.
Before you start your house moving process, be sure to do your research and weigh out the pros and cons. Understand your needs and the factors that may affect your move.
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