What's The Difference Between SoHo, SoFo, And SoVo?

In all these types of properties, there's one thing they have in common: They're all designed and optimised for commercial purposes. But of course, they have unique traits which set them apart from each other, and we cover them in-depth here!
SoHo, SoFo, SoVo

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The differences between a SoHo, SoFo and SoVo is summed up as such:

  • Small office, Home office (SoHo) units can be used as either offices or a home.
  • Small office, Flexible office (SoFo) units can be turned into an office, a home, or both. They are coined flexible offices because a selected number of their units have breaking points in the walls to enlarge the space.
  • Small office, Virtual office (SoVo) and SoFo are actually very similar in terms of layout. The main difference is that SoVos can only be used for commercial purposes.

SoHo units have a commercial title but are used for residential purposes, and are thus protected by the Housing Development Act (HDA) due to the fact that they have a standard SPA.

The fact that there's no standard Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) for the SoFo's and SoVo's could be a source of concern for prospective buyers.

This is because they may find themselves out in the cold without the protection of the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) (Amendment) Act 2007.

Any dispute that arises for the SoFo and SoVo units would have to be settled in the courts, based on the SPA signed by the buyer and seller.

But the one thing that these properties DO have in common?

As they're all commercial-titled, owners of these units must be prepared to pay assessment, water, and electricity and telephone bills based on commercial rates, which are generally higher than residential rates.


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1) SoHo


How does this type of property work? Well in most cases, young singles, newly-weds and budding professionals take up SoHo units for the convenience of being able to incorporate their living area with their work space.

These strata-titled properties on commercial land can function as both a home and a workplace. In fact, their modest sizes are the result of a convergence of economic and lifestyle considerations.

SoHo's don’t need large floor areas thanks to clever interior designing innovations that allow much to be made from small spaces.


2) SoFo


Much like its name, a SoFo is a small unit that offers owners greater flexibility in terms of how they decide to use their space – be it for residential or commercial purposes or both.

Every unit has an internal partition (a wall that can be broken down) and therefore provide the owners or occupants the flexibility to customise or to fit-out their units as they please.

Owners can also opt to buy two units side-by-side and create an internal connection if they so desire more space.


3) SoVo


A SoVo is a small office that comes fully-equipped with telecommunication and infrastructural facilities that allow for immediate business start-ups.

As they're not allowed for human dwelling, it's important to note that this type is ONLY for commercial use, and the owners don't have the right to stay overnight in the property if the management does not allow them to.


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