Freehold Seafront Living In The North

Located next to the tranquil Sembawang Park, the freehold Watercove offers the perfect blend of landed and condominium lifestyles right next to the sea.

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20 Shelves that You’ll Love to Have At Home

Shelves are must-haves in every home – we need them to store things and make the space look organised. However, many of us forget that these functional items can also help to decorate your home.

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Global Interior Design Trends You’ll Want in Your Home

Have you ever wondered what interior design styles are trending in different parts of the world?

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Can Your Home Actually Affect Your Relationship?

You probably wouldn’t know this, but home designs can actually affect relationships in a subconscious manner. So to ensure a harmonious home life, pay attention to these aspects.

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5 Top Tips For The Best Light Fixtures

Choosing lights for a room may seem like rocket science, but you can get it done quite easily if you know what to look out for.

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Sexy Bedroom, Sexy You

They say that the bedroom makes you, you. If you have bed-sheets that are made of cartoon characters or red/white checkered sheets that you bought from IKEA, well the time has come to revamp it!

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Fill It Up: How to Decorate Blank Spaces on a Budget

Imagine this: you’re walking around your house one day. You turn and see a huge space in the wall that’s empty, and you finally figure out what’s missing.

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Top Retirement Developments in Klang Valley

Living in a huge home where the rooms are outnumbering the people in it? This is a common scenario for most older folks in Malaysia.

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Your Guide to Choosing The Best Curtains For Your Home

Curtains are functional pieces of fabric that help a room keep out direct sunlight that may be too glaring, as well as maintaining a cool temperature. Learn how to make them decorative here.

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Stunning Tips on How to Choose The Right Staircase For Your Home

If you own a landed home, the staircase is definitely one of the focal points in the home. Make yours stand out with these ideas.

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These Images Will Make You Crave an Open Home Concept

Open home concepts are really nothing new. The term simply means that several main spaces in the home are joined together in one large and flowing space. Make your home spacious now.

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Smart Ways to Maximise Your Small Kitchen

So, you think you’re cursed with a small kitchen and can’t seem to find any joy in spending time in this room. However, any room has its special charm, regardless of its size. Read more...

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A Decade of Leaking Misery

Over the years, Julia, her husband, and their three children have had to endure leakages from the upstairs neighbour, dripping into the kitchen, toilets and balcony of their apartment.

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Painting Gone Wrong: Top 3 Mistakes and Fixes

Your living room is looking good with a new coat of twilight magenta paint – everything’s super good. As you start to kick back and relax, your paint job suddenly starts developing air bubbles. What to do?

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Cyberjaya's Lakeside Living

Cyberjaya exudes a family friendly atmosphere and is padded with ample of green lungs as well as untampered parks and outdoor space.

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How to keep your home safe and childproof

There are only a few weeks left before the baby finally arrives and you think you’ve bought every single thing there is. But have you also made sure that your home is safe for the baby?

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Battle Of The Stones: Granite vs Marble Countertops

It’s a stone-cold dilemma when you’re trying to choose between granite and marble countertops. Both of them are gorgeous – so it’s a tough choice. Read on to make the best decision.

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Neighbourhood Security Finally Gets an Upgrade

TimeTec Cloud, the sister company of leading global time management and biometric security access providers, FingerTec, launched a revolutionary cloud and IoT product. Read more...

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Defect Liability Period: Malaysian Homeowner's Guide

What is a defect liability period? When your new property is ready for key collection, the developer will provide a "warranty" in case of defects. Read on to find out how to utilise it.

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Anshin for Your Reunion Dinner

Chinese New Year is coming and what better way to celebrate than to make delicious soups with Khind's Anshin soup cooker? Read on to find out how Anshin can benefit you!

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